Mehmet Günsür: The Handsome and Attractive Turkish Actor with a Fascinating Career

Mehmet Günsür is the shining face of Turkey both national and international.

The Turkish actor Mehmet Günsür is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors of Turkish TV and cinema industry. The actor is not only famous in Turkey but also all over the world which means, he is the face of Turkey abroad. No matter how Mehmet Günsür famous with is charisma and handsome appearance, there … Read more

A Truly New TV Series on Turkey’s Broadcaster Star TV: Babil — The Choice TV Series

Babil - The Choice Has Begun with the 1st episode on January 17th, on Friday.

Babil – The Choice Turkish TV Series Met the Audience January, 17th with Its First Episode

The long waiting has finally ended yesterday night (January 17th). Babil – The Choice Turkish TV series was aired yesterday night on Turkish broadcaster Start TV.

The broadcasting time was unclear until a couple of months before. That was because of a disagreement between the beIN Media Group and the producers of the series. However, fortunately, the confusion was solved and Turkish broadcaster Star TV decided to buy all the copy and broadcasting rights of the series. After this attempt, the story, casting and the broadcasting date became clear.

Halit Ergenç acted as İrfan who is a committed and idealist economy professor who was dismissed from the university.
Halit Ergenç acted as İrfan who is a committed and idealist economy professor who was dismissed from the university.

How About Babil – The Choice Rating Rates?

According to the ratings of the 1st episode of Babil – The Choice Turkish TV drama, Star TV made a great job by purchasing the series. The TV series became the 1st programme among the 10 other programmes on the list of AB Group. Furthermore, Babil – The Choice Turkish drama left behind its assertive competitors, such as Hercai and Arka Sokaklar, a long-live Turkish detective TV series with the 539. episodes!

What Happened in the First Episode of Babil – The Choice Turkish TV Drama?

The story of the series is related to an idealist economist professor İrfan (played by Halit Ergenç). His dismissal from his job turns his life upside and down and to top it all, he learns that his 7-year-old son Deniz has a mortal disease. Therefore, he needs a great deal of money fur the use of his son’s treatment.

The master Turkish actor Ozan Güven is acting as Egemen and he is the childhood friend of İrfan.
The master Turkish actor Ozan Güven is acting as Egemen and he is the childhood friend of İrfan.

Unfortunately, because of his dismiss, and the trial which is still in progress, he cannot find a proper job. So, he can’t maintain his life and meet the expenditure necessary for the treatment. Because the illness is a mortal one and it requires a great many of money that he is not capable of collect.

Babil – The Choice Shaked The Social Media with Social Messages!

The promising TV series has also enlightened the social and economic problems in the world with its strong dialogues. The economic and social injustice in the society, the inequality in income distribution, that victory of badness over the goodness are efficient elements that the series processing.


“My son is slipping through my hands and I can do nothing for that. I will take what is mine from those rich ones who spend millions even for a watch! But this money means the life of my son. I’ll take what is mine!”


The difficult life of an economics professor who doesn’t deserve it at all locked the audience on the screen. And it seems that this success will be long-lasting.

Comments on social media are mostly very positive and everyone has apparently found the series very successful.


“An advice to you never fell down. If you do so, all the doors will be closed to your face. Your loved ones won’t evet answer your calls. You will see the deepest point which I saw. I made a decision while I was at the deepest of the deep. This world is an injustice, vulgar and a mean place. And I will destroy this world!”

A Strong Story and Talented Casting

As the doors close one by one, İrfan finds himself in a dark adventure that his wife Eda (played by Nur Fettahoğlu) asks for help from his childhood friends Egemen (played by Ozan Güven).

Nur Fettahoğlu acted as Eda, who is the wife of İrfan.
Nur Fettahoğlu acted as Eda, who is the wife of İrfan.

With the emergence of the great love of Birce Akalay (acted as İlay), the dangerous businessman Mesut Akusta (acted as İrfan), when he was about to marry, İrfan will be faced with many exams that he must pass in this adventure.

Birce Akalay is acting as İlay with her incredible beauty and elegance.
Birce Akalay is acting as İlay with her incredible beauty and elegance.

Apart from all, Aslı Enver (acted as Ayşe) appears as another strong character in the series. Ayşe is an idealist and a strong young girl. She, somehow, comes across in this adventure with İrfan. Thus, she turns a potential person who may be the saviour of İrfan, who dives into a dark world, step by step.

When Can I Watch the Second Episode of Babil – The Choice Turkish TV Series?

Nüket Bıçakçı and Özlem Yücel wrote the script for the series. The producer is, by the way, Ay Yapım and director is Uluç Bayraktar. You can watch Babil – The Choice Turkish TV drama on Star TV every Friday at 20.00.

Babil – The Choice 2nd Episode Trailer:


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