The Speech of the President of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş

President of Turkey's Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş's speech started a discussion in Turkey's politics. (Image Credit-Bianet)

As of July 24th, Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Hagia Sophia, as you know, is the world’s one of the most popular tourist attractions. Once it was a museum, now is a mosque, Hagia Sophia has been a religious center for Orthodox Christianity over 1.500 years. And so, … Read more

Turkey Converts Famous Hagia Sophia Museum into a Mosque

Islam believers wait to worship again in Hagia Sophia after 86 years. (Image Credit-TRT World)

The 10th Chamber of the Council of State has announced that it has annulled the Council of Ministers Decree which was dated November 24, 1934. And they turned Hagia Sophia from a mosque into a museum. Shortly after the committee announced this verdict, the Presidential Decree handing Hagia Sophia over to the Presidency of Religious … Read more

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar Finally Reopens after the Longest Closure

Municipal workers are spraying the floor, columns, and walls ahead of the doors. (Image Credit-TRT World)

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is one of the most historic and famous tourist attractions of both Turkey and Istanbul. However, sadly an eerie silence has fallen over Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. As we pointed out, it is one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most visited markets. So there, you can encounter a raucous mixture of languages, cultures, … Read more

Must see places in Istanbul – Part 1

Galata Tower

İstanbul is a wonderful city with many attractions including great natural wonders like the Bosphorus, ancient temples, great museums and lots of sights. If you are planning to visit İstanbul, you’ll enjoy our list. Coordinates will be given as Google Maps link, if you are using Evernote style note app or other bookmark for offline … Read more

“Skyfall” the new movie of 007 James Bond shooting in Turkey


The famous film series of James Bond based on Ian Flemings novels continues with the upcoming movie “Skyfall”.The 23rd instalment of the series will have scenes from Turkey. The first 15 minutes will show solid action scenes on the old Railway of  Yüreğir-Misis, the famous Varda Bridge and Kasım Gülek Bridge. Also, the movie will … Read more

Turkey’s Top Destinations

Here is a quick list of the top destinations in Turkey. If you are thinking about  coming to Turkey for your summer holiday, you should start to set up your travel plan.  This list will help you very much. Note that this list is unique ; if you click on the destination, a Google satellite … Read more