Can Yaman is Back on TV with a New Rom-Com: “Mr. Wrong”

Can Yaman is back on TV again with Mr. Wrong (Image Credit-Hürriyet)

The prominent Turkish actor Can Yaman is back on television again! The long wait has finally come to an end. With a new Turkish romantic comedy, Can Yaman is getting ready to meet his fans, both in Turkey and the world. Very soon, we will be watching him again with “Mr. Wrong” (Bay Yanlış) Turkish … Read more

When will Turkish TV Series Begin to Broadcasting Life?

Fans of Turkish series are searching for the answer of When will Turkish series begin? question. (Image Credit-Digital Crush)

The question of “when will Turkish TV series begin?” is the most anticipated question in recent days. Following the normalization process after 2.5 month-long coronavirus lockdowns in Turkey, now the new question has appeared. So, among Turkish and foreigner fans of Turkish series and dramas, the question is on the rise! As you know, considering … Read more

Turkish Rom-Com “Sen Çal Kapımı” will Turn Upside Down Turkish TVs This Summer

Turkish Rom-Com (romantic comedy) Sen Çal Kapımı. (Image Credit-FOX)

Turkish rom-com (romantic comedy) “Sen Çal Kapımı” is a new TV series of Turkish televisions. The filming of the series is going to start as of this June. But, with its leading roles and entertaining story, the Turkish TV series has already drawn great attention. So, what is the story of “Sen Çal Kapımı”? Who … Read more

Turkish Actor Erkan Petekkaya — A Striking Biography

Erkan Petekkaya is the popular actor of Turkish TV series.

Erkan Petekkaya is a former Turkish actor. Especially after his latest projects on Turkish televisions, many have begun asking who is Erkan Petekkaya. Every necessary information you must know about Erkan Petekkaya is on our article. Erkan Petekkaya is an old face of Turkish televisions. So, the successful Turkish actor Erkan Petekkaya has been in … Read more

A New Turkish TV Series Begins on Fox TV Tonight — Öğretmen (The Teacher) Turkish-Made Drama, Youth and Psychologic Thriller

"You can be anything in life, but what important thing is to be 'human' in life."

Öğretmen — “The Teacher” Turkish TV drama series is getting ready to meet the audience on the Fox TV screen tonight with the first episode. In addition to the names in the leading roles of the series, there are lots of curiosity. The Teacher — Öğretmen Turkish series will come to the screen with the first episode. So, producers … Read more

Zümrüdüanka Turkish TV Drama: Phoenix’s Reborn Story

Zümrüdüanka (Phoenix) is a new Turkish TV drama of the Turkish broadcaster Fox TV.

Zümrüdüanka Turkish TV drama is the new project of the Turkish broadcaster Fox TV. This new member of the Turkish TV series industry has been leading a curiosity among Turkish audiences. So, today we are going to clear up all the questions about the new series. Who is taking place in the casting of Zümrüdüanka? … Read more

Kadın — Woman Turkish TV Series Prepared to Say Goodbye to the Screens

Kadın — Woman, the long-running Turkish TV series, is saying goodbye to the screens with its finale episode on Tuesday.

Kadın — Woman, the long-running Turkish TV series, is prepared to say goodbye to the audiences. Under highly competitive conditions of the Turkish television industry, it is quite hard to continue that long! However, Kadın – Woman Turkish drama has one way or another made a great job! In a period when TV series live too short, … Read more

A Portrait of Demet Özdemir : A Biography from a Dancer to a World-Famous Actress

Demet Ozdemir has been on the Sowbiz since 2013.

Today, we are going to clarify the fascinating career of beautiful Turkish actress, model and dancer Demet Ozdemir. The versatile Turkish actress became a world-famous star after her shining role in Early Bird/Daydreamer Turkish romantic comedy. And most of you probably met Demet Ozdemir with her leading role as Sanem. So, who is Demet Ozdemir? … Read more

Love in the Air: İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish Romantic Comedy

İnadına Aşk - "Love Out-of-Spite" Turkish TV series is a "classy" romantic comedy of Turkish televisions.

İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish TV series is a “classy” romantic comedy of Turkish televisions. Despite the short broadcasting time of the series, it opened the door all the way through for this category in Turkey. İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV show has also crucial importance in terms of being one … Read more

A Romantic Comedy: Her Yerde Sen — “Everywhere I Go” Turkish TV Series

Her Yerde Sen - Everywhere I Go is the popular Turkish TV series of Fox TV.

As Turkish TV series are very popular around the world, you, our beloved followers, are familiar with the contents. And Turkish TV series’ contents mostly comprise drama, crime or action. While watching the Turkish series, we witness to tears, crime, weapons or impossible loves. But, Her Yerde Sen – Everywhere I Go Turkish TV series … Read more