Turkish Drama Kefaret (Atonement): An Alluring Telenovela on Turkish TVs

Kefaret (Atonement) Turkish drama started broadcasting on November 22- 2020

Turkish audience has been on an intriguing journey with a not-so-new Turkish drama: Kefaret (Atonement). The series met the audience with the 11th episode last Sunday (yesterday) on Fox TV. (The channel is a private cable TV broadcaster in Turkey) That is to say, Kefaret (Atonement) has been enlarging its fan base consistently day by … Read more

An Adaptation from The 1977-Production Turkish Feature Film: Baraj — “Dam” Turkish TV Series

Baraj — Dam is a new Turkish TV drama starts on the 17th of March, on Tuesday.

We have gotten used to introduce you to Turkish series adapted from Korean or American original versions. But this time, we are before you with a different story! Today’s Turkish TV drama that we are about to introduce is again an adaptation. However, not from a foreign original, but from a Turkish feature film from … Read more