Everything You Need to Know About Beloved Turkish Actress Ebru Sahin

The 27-year-old Turkish actress Ebru Sahin has become popular with her role as Reyyan in Hercai Turkish TV drama

The pretty Turkish actress Ebru Sahin has been recently on the world’s agenda. The beautiful Turkish actress posed for the “All” magazine and gave an interview. Thus, with her brave poses and sincere interview, she gained her fans’ hearts once again. The charming actress is going to be on the February cover of the magazine! … Read more

When will Turkish TV Series Begin to Broadcasting Life?

Fans of Turkish series are searching for the answer of When will Turkish series begin? question. (Image Credit-Digital Crush)

The question of “when will Turkish TV series begin?” is the most anticipated question in recent days. Following the normalization process after 2.5 month-long coronavirus lockdowns in Turkey, now the new question has appeared. So, among Turkish and foreigner fans of Turkish series and dramas, the question is on the rise! As you know, considering … Read more

Forbidden Apple TV Show’s Star Eda Ece is Much More Amusing Than You Think!

Eda Ece dazzles with her natural beauty.

While we meet new TV series on Turkish televisions every season, we also meet new actors and actresses. As you know, the Turkish television series industry is the second most productive one in the market after the USA. One hand, that means to meet new stars and joyful TV shows every year. But on the … Read more

The Best Turkish TV Series of 2019

Hakan: Muhafız - The Protector is the first Netflix Turkish original series

In the last few years, due to the international streaming from Americas to Far east, the popularity of Turkish TV series has increased with rapid pace! The best Turkish series are now replacing Hollywood series and Latin American telenovelas at major broadcasters elsewhere. Though local television of UAE, India, Saudi Arabi and Pakistan dubbed Turkish … Read more

Yasak Elma — “Forbidden Apple” TV Series: On Social Society and Other Things We Cannot Hide

An Impressive TV Show Yasak Ekma - Forbidden Apple

Yasak Elma – “Forbidden Apple” TV show is packed with passion, lies, and desires. Most likely other TV Series in Turkey, the drama aims to show the ties between people who belong to different social classes. The main purpose of the TV Series can be explained with these words; Three things in life cannot be … Read more