Corn Souffle Recipe: How to Cook & Make Corn Souffle Recipe

Corn souffle is a very delicious French dessert getting popular in Turkey

As our followers, you are already familiar with some of the famous members of Turkish cuisine. Corn souffle recipe is not among them, yet once you try, you will love its taste. The “Souffle” word, by the way, is derived from French. So, the word souffle, which originally comes from French, means “delicious” in English. … Read more

New Trend in Turkish Cuisine II: Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) with Fish in the Same Wrap

Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) with fish

Following our first article as first of “New Trend in Turkish Cuisine” serial, today we are before you again. We are about to share a new recipe that will whet your appetite! Have you ever heard of “Lahmacun with Fish”? So, this is what you are going to learn today! (But before that, do not … Read more

The Yummy Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert You will Love!

Image Credit: gettyimages/istetiana

Here today, we are standing before you with an unusual flavor Turkish recipe: Turkish candied Pumpkin dessert. (Here is a selection of our other articles on Turkish desserts). So, here is a very delicious recipe from Turkey that will make you travel into the world of sweetness. Now, get ready you all and forget everything … Read more