Best Turkish Clothing Brands That Will Change Your Fashion Perception

Best Turkish Clothing Brands

Turkey has world-renowned brands in the field of clothing. And the reason for the success of these brands is that they have bold designs with high quality. What’s more, they are fashionable, they have seasonal colors and lines. So, creating the best Turkish clothing brands list may be more difficult than you may think of … Read more

The Ali of the World-Famous “What Ali Wore” Passed Away

Ali Akdeniz, The Ali of What Ali Wore (Image Credit-CNN)

Ali, the Ali of What Ali Wore was a stylish social media influencer. He became a world-famous popular fashion figure thanks to an Australian photographer Zoe Spawton. As the story tells, she moved to Berlin some years ago. Later, Zoe Spawton started to work as a waitress in a regular Berlin cafe, which ignited her admiration … Read more