4.000-Year-Old Textile Mill Found in the Western Part of Turkey

4.000-year-old textile mill in Turkey has aroused great excitement. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

Turkish archaeologists have unearthed a 4.000-year-old textile mill in Western Turkey. The finding contains parts of a loom and tools for creating textiles. What’s more, there are also accessories dating back four millennia in western Turkey. It is now a matter of curiosity whether this groundbreaking discovery rewrites history. “Last year we made some exciting … Read more

The 4 Most Popular Tourist Destinations of Turkey in 2019

Turkey is one of the most tourist attracting countries in the world.

Turkey’s tourism data has been announced recently. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey’s announcement, Turkey reached 42.9 million visitor number. So, between the months of January and November last year, Turkey had reached these numbers. Turkey has hosted 48 million 46 thousand 732 visitors totally in the first 11 months in … Read more