The Flying Bedroom: Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval in the Sky with an Airbed

The flying bedroom of the Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval. (Image

The flying bedroom news has become viral all around the world which covers a crazy Turkish paraglider with an “airbed” in the sky. According to the news of Reuters, an international news organization, we witnessed the Turkish paraglider in the sky! The Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval made this experience real just like he did several crazy … Read more

Funny Best View Competition among Turkey’s Municipalities: Who Has the Best View?

Best view competition among Turkey's municipalities.

The banter between two Istanbul district municipalities about who had the best views turned into a nationwide competition. So, the competition as we named it is the Best View Competition. While the two Istanbul municipalities also compared accomplishments, municipalities from around Turkey sent in their best shots. How did the Best View Competition Begin? Two Istanbul … Read more

The death scene of Şehzade(Prince) Mustafa

Şehzade Mustafa Death Scene

Last week in Magnificent Century the historical tragedy of Prince Mustafa(şehzade Mustafa) was shown. Prince Mustafa was the first son of Suleiman the Magnificent, and had a dramatic death, he was executed by his father’s order. The popular Turkish tv series, Magnificent Century showed this sad event in its last episode. The scene was very … Read more

Turkey’s Top Destinations

Here is a quick list of the top destinations in Turkey. If you are thinking about  coming to Turkey for your summer holiday, you should start to set up your travel plan.  This list will help you very much. Note that this list is unique ; if you click on the destination, a Google satellite … Read more