Turkish Music Diva Bülent Ersoy’s Love for Fur Does Not Come to an End!

The 68-year-old Turkish artist Bülent Ersoy has always been an icon with her extraordinary make up and wearing style

Bülent Ersoy, 68, is one of the greatest voices of Turkish music. She is mostly seen as the goddess of the old, classical Turkish music with her strong voice. That’s the reason why Turkish people call and name her as “diva“. However, despite all her accomplishments in Turkish music, she has one particular addiction that … Read more

The New Drama of The Famous Turkish Actor Engin Altan Düzyatan: Kurşun — “Bullet” Turkish TV Series

Most Production takes on the production of Kursun - Bullet TV series

Kurşun – Bullet TV series is the new TV show on Fox TV. The new and assertive production is going to start its broadcast life on October, 23. So, here is some important information and details that will amaze you and make you feel privileged. The story of Kurşun – Bullet Turkish TV series is based … Read more