Funny Best View Competition among Turkey’s Municipalities: Who Has the Best View?

Best view competition among Turkey's municipalities.

The banter between two Istanbul district municipalities about who had the best views turned into a nationwide competition. So, the competition as we named it is the Best View Competition. While the two Istanbul municipalities also compared accomplishments, municipalities from around Turkey sent in their best shots. How did the Best View Competition Begin? Two Istanbul … Read more

Turkey’s Fish Sandwich (Balık Ekmek): The Popular Street Food of Istanbul

A Traditional Fish Sandwich Boat in Istanbul's Eminönü. (Image Credit-Culture Trip)

Turkey and Istanbul, of course, has a lot of memorable experiences for visitors. So certainly, one of those is to enjoy a fish sandwich (balık ekmek in Turkish). While enjoying your fish sandwich, you may also enjoy Bosphorus. What a perfect match! You can also take a look at our Best 25 Turkish foods list which … Read more

Amber Heard’s Istanbul Visit Turned Celebrity Agenda Upside Down

Amber Heard's Istanbul visit made a huge impression. (Image Credit-Sozcu)

Aquaman actress Amber Heard’s Istanbul visit has recently turned celebrity agenda upside down. The world-famous actress, as you will recall, posted some pictures on her official Instagram account yesterday. Apart from her admiration for Istanbul, “brave” pictures she shared caused great anger among her Muslim fans and followers. What’s Happening? Amber Heard has been slammed … Read more

Turkish Crime Drama “Aleph” Reveals the Set of Murders in Bosphorus

Aleph is a Turkish crime and detective series. (Image Credit-Youtube)

Turkish crime drama “Aleph” (Alef in Turkish) has recently taken the stage in front of its anticipated audiences. The crime and detective series consists of very talented all-star actors and actresses. It will be enough to name only the leading roles to prove how talented its cast is. Leading roles are being shared by Kenan Imirzalioglu, … Read more

Paramparça — Broken Pieces Turkish TV Drama Series

With its original title Paramparça, "Broken Pieces (world-wide English title)" Turkish soap drama is one of the most successful Turkish TV drama ever!

With its original title Paramparça, “Broken Pieces (world-wide English title)” Turkish soap drama is one of the most successful Turkish TV drama ever! So, we are going back to the year 2014, when Paramparça — Broken Pieces Turkish TV series first released. After the series showed up on screens, it immediately became a phenomenon in … Read more