Ilker Kaleli and Sila Fascinate Fans with Their Adoring Love Affair

The two declared their love 5 days ago with an Instagram picture

The surprising love between the Turkish actor Ilker Kaleli and Sila, who is a beautiful pop singer, became a very hot issue in Turkish celebrity news. Five days ago, when the actor shared their adoring picture on his Instagram account, their love became official! Now, the love between these two popular figures is the hottest … Read more

An Adaptation from The 1977-Production Turkish Feature Film: Baraj — “Dam” Turkish TV Series

Baraj — Dam is a new Turkish TV drama starts on the 17th of March, on Tuesday.

We have gotten used to introduce you to Turkish series adapted from Korean or American original versions. But this time, we are before you with a different story! Today’s Turkish TV drama that we are about to introduce is again an adaptation. However, not from a foreign original, but from a Turkish feature film from … Read more