An Early Farewell to the Screens from “A Family Story” Turkish TV Series

Falling ratings were the reason for early finale of A Family Story Turkish TV series

Sad news has just come from Bir Aile Hikayesi – A Family Story Turkish TV series. Bir Aile Hikayesi – A Family Story Turkish TV drama said goodbye to the screens with the final episode.  The final episode was aired on 19th of October, Saturday. The series had started its broadcast life on the 9th … Read more

The Best Turkish TV Series of 2019

Hakan: Muhafız - The Protector is the first Netflix Turkish original series

In the last few years, due to the international streaming from Americas to Far east, the popularity of Turkish TV series has increased with rapid pace! The best Turkish series are now replacing Hollywood series and Latin American telenovelas at major broadcasters elsewhere. Though local television of UAE, India, Saudi Arabi and Pakistan dubbed Turkish … Read more

Birkan Sokullu: The New and The Old Face of Turkish Televisions

Birkan Sokullu

Birkan Sokullu, one hand, is a new face of Turkish televisions. But on the other hand, he has been acting in very different roles in very different TV series. The actor, who has been on the screens since 2008, is still rising his popularity, -both with his good looking, talented acting and of his private … Read more

A Nice and Warm Turkish Tv Series: Bir Aile Hikayesi – “A Family Story”

Bir Aile Hikayesi - A Family Story- Turkish Drama TV Series

Bir Aile Hikayesi – A Family Story apparently will touch to hearts of everyone from every age those first love their family, and for whom they are longing for their childhood. It will also definitely remind meanings of some forgotten words, -such as family, love, friendship, compassion, fidelity, and loyalty. Bir Aile Hikayesi – A … Read more