A Turkish TV Show Set in the Steppes of Anatolia: “Gönül Dağı” (Mountain of Hearts)

Brand new Turkish TV show Gönül Dağı (literally, Mountain of Hearts)

Gönül Dağı (“Mountain of Hearts”) is a 2020 Turkish TV show in the comedy-drama genre. The prominent Turkish director Yahya Samancı is sitting in the director’s seat. The Turkish TV drama premiered on TRT 1, a state-run Turkish broadcaster, on October 17, 2020. So, the Turkish TV series is based on the motives of Mustafa … Read more

The Eminent Turkish Actor Buğra Gülsoy Proves Himself in Literature

The First Apocalypse-Where The Sun Goes Down. (Image Credit-7:24 Kültür Sanat)

The successful Turkish actor Buğra Gülsoy takes his chance in literature. The actor had published his first book in October 2019. Unexpectedly, the successful Turkish actor gained great success and collected a great deal of acclamation from some of the master novelists in Turkey. So, in the following months, we will be welcoming his second … Read more

Today in Turkish TV Series: Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki — Time Goes By Turkish TV Series

Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki — Time Goes By is a 2010 make Turkish TV drama.

Today, we are turning our face back to a decade ago. To a Turkish TV drama which became a phenomenon and indispensable TV show of Tuesdays between 2010-13. During its 3 seasons and 120 episodes, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki — Time Goes By successfully gathered people in front of their TVs. So, Öyle Bir … Read more

Dilemma of Love and Revenge: Azize — “The Saint” Turkish TV Series

Azize - The Saint TV series will be on Kanal D every Tuesday at 20.00.

Azize – The Saint Turkish TV series is the new project of Kanal D. The TV series is going to be on the screen very soon. There have been many searches on the Internet lately. People have been asking about the subject and the release date of the series quite often. So, here in this … Read more