Deniz Can Aktaş: Your New Favourite Turkish Actor

The popular actor Deniz Can Aktaş is one of the most promising Turkish actor in recent years.

Deniz Can Aktaş, who was born on July 28, 1993, in Istanbul, is a new handsome, and talented Turkish actor. With his talented acting skill and good-looking physical features, he has already had dedicated fans. During his relatively short career in the business, the actor played some unforgettable characters. He has now eye-filling with his … Read more

The New Turkish TV Series of Star TV Is On the Way: Güvercin — “The Pigeon”

Güvercin - The Pigeon Turkish TV series is going to start on 24 November 2019, on Sunday.

A new Turkish TV series is about to join the television industry. Due to the quick circulation in the TV series industry in Turkey, many series have to make early finales. But on the other hand, this reality also means new beginnings. New starts for new Turkish TV series. So, here is the new Turkish … Read more

Avlu — “The Yard” Turkish TV Series Switched to NETFLIX: Release Date Announced!

Avlu - The Yard Turkish series has begun on Netflix

The successful Turkish TV series Avlu – “The Yard“ TV series has become a first for Netflix in the world. TV series will be the Netflix Original with the new episodes. New episodes have started to be on Netflix on 18th of October, 2019. Star TV’s popular series Courtyard has switched to the world’s largest … Read more

The Best Turkish TV Series of 2018

Çukur - The Pit offers more than any TV series can do

The industry of Turkish TV series has been consistently growing for the last 2 decades.  Since then, the television industry in Turkey has become the second biggest in the world after the USA. The growing popularity of TV series in Turkey has also influenced the tourism sector. Until the 1990s, TRT was the only one … Read more

A TV Series on Crime and Punishment: Avlu -“The Courtyard”

Avlu - The Courtyard Turkish TV drama

Avlu “The Courtyard” Tv Series is a shocking and unique drama with full of deep questions on crime, punishment and justice. While you witness to the solidarity of a big group of woman, on the other hand, you appreciate their resistance against injustice. These women who are forced to give up their freedom are struggling … Read more