The New Turkish Comedy Series: Gençliğim Eyvah — “My Youth”

Gençliğim Eyvah (My Youth) is a new Turkish comedy series.

The new Turkish comedy has begun as of 15 June 2020. The series “Gençliğim Eyvah” (My Youth) started as a summer series amid coronavirus restrictions. However, the series promises more than a summer series could. In one of our previous articles, we had mentioned “Gençliğim Eyvah” (My Youth) Turkish comedy. You can click “New Period … Read more

When will Turkish TV Series Begin to Broadcasting Life?

Fans of Turkish series are searching for the answer of When will Turkish series begin? question. (Image Credit-Digital Crush)

The question of “when will Turkish TV series begin?” is the most anticipated question in recent days. Following the normalization process after 2.5 month-long coronavirus lockdowns in Turkey, now the new question has appeared. So, among Turkish and foreigner fans of Turkish series and dramas, the question is on the rise! As you know, considering … Read more

The 12 Best-Rated Turkish TV Series List According to IMDB

Masum - Innıcent is one of the best Turkish series according to IMDb's list.

Whether you are a fan of Turkish TV series or just on the edge of the diving into the world of them, the list below is going to attract you. Here, you will explore our best Turkish TV series list according to IMDB.  With a great number, Turkish series&dramas have been keeping shake the world … Read more

The New TV Series of Turkish Broadcaster ATV: Gel Dese Aşk — Tempt Me Love Turkish TV Drama

"Nobody is innocent of love that has not been tested!"

Gel Dese Aşk — “Tempt Me Love” is the new assertive Turkish TV series published of Turkish broadcaster ATV The series will be screened with the 3rd episode on Sunday. The series continues to be the subject of curiosity of the followers. The names of the cast of the Gel Dese Aşk Turkish TV drama … Read more

Mehmet Günsür: The Handsome and Attractive Turkish Actor with a Fascinating Career

Mehmet Günsür is the shining face of Turkey both national and international.

The Turkish actor Mehmet Günsür is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors of Turkish TV and cinema industry. The actor is not only famous in Turkey but also all over the world which means, he is the face of Turkey abroad. No matter how Mehmet Günsür famous with is charisma and handsome appearance, there … Read more

Taner Ölmez — Doctor Ali Vefa of Mucize Doktor – Miracle Doctor Turkish TV Series

Taner Ölmez is the star of Miracle Doctor Turkish TV series.

The Turkish actor Taner Ölmez is undoubtedly one of the most popular names on Turkish televisions. The actor has been taking place on TVs and movies as an actor for more than a decade. However, his fame grew tremendously after his role as Doctor Ali Vefa, a savant syndrome doctor, in Miracle Doctor Turkish TV … Read more

The Most Ambitious Project of the New Season: Kuruluş Osman — “The Ottoman” Turkish TV Series

Kuruluş Osmanlı - Establishment Ottoman is coming very soon!

The continuation of Diriliş: Ertuğrul – Resurrection: Ertuğrul TV series is coming soon! Resurrection: Ertuğrul was an epic TV show. Moreover, it was a legendary historical TV series as you can read our article about. In this respect,  we can tell that the demand for historical TV series is going on! Kuruluş Osman – Establishment Osman Turkish … Read more

A Story On The Relationship Between Mafia and The “Deep State” in Turkey: Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz — “Bandits” Turkish TV Series

Her Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz - Bandits TV Series TV series said hello with the 140th episode on 24 September 2019

Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz – Grand Family (mostly famous as Bandits) Turkish TV series is finally on air! After months-long yearning and gossips, whether or not the series makes its finale, producers and channel came up with a decision to continue for the series. So, the TV series said hello with the 140th episode on … Read more

An Impossible Love Tale of Vengeance: HERCAI

An impossible love story born out of revenge, Hercai

A new Turkish TV Series “Hercai” is an impossible love tale of vengeance. “Hercai” is not a modern word in Turkish language but a classic one, which literally means “inconstant, fickle, or more likely capricious” in English. In a more detailed meaning, Hercai refers to a person who is never decisive of anything, neither capable … Read more

Bülent İnal’s new series: Tatar Ramazan

Bülent İnal has just started a new tv project after a short break. His last project was Bir Çocuk Sevdim(One Child That I loved) and he was away from the cameras after the end of this series. The famous actor has returned with a legendary role “Tatar Ramazan” whom was a regular blacksmith and becomes … Read more