The 5 Best Cities in Turkey to Have Unforgettable Memories in New Year’s Eve

Happy New Years for those in Turkey or about to visit.

Happy New Years you all! We are writing this article just a few hours before we enter the new year. So, we wish 2020 be a better year than in 2019. New Year Eve is one of the most popular holidays in Turkey. The New Year’s Eve traditions in Turkey country include so many traditions. … Read more

56th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: 26 October – 1 November 2019

Antalya Golden Film Festival 2019 is celebrating its 56th anniversary

Pleasing days for Turkish cinema has just started today! The “beating heart” of Turkish national cinema is going to accelerate with the 56th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. So, the festival, which has begun today, and it will continue until the 1st of November. Thus, it will be a 6-days-cinema paradise. And by the way, … Read more

Adrasan — The Point Where Blue and Green Welcomes Your Holiday in Antalya

Adrasan has 2.5 km. long and blue flagged beach

The surrounding Adrasan Bay is known for its natural environment. Adrasan is also a common fishing spot among locals. On the other hand, daily boat trips are available during the summer months. For example, they take tourists along Antalya’s mountainous coastal region. Visibility in these waters can reach up to 25 meters on a clear … Read more

Antalya Airport: How to get and from Antalya International Airport (AYT)

Antalya Airport One of the busiest airport of the world

Antalya Airport is one of the biggest and more importantly, busiest airports in Turkey. With both domestic and more international flights, it is one of the first places for tourists to stop from all around the world. Due to the mid of summer season, we intend you to know more on Antalya Airport at the … Read more

Olympos: A time shift from Lycian League to Antalya

Olympos Beach, Mount Olympos on background

Olympos is a great destination for travelers who expect a holiday filled with Mediterranean’s blue sea, beautiful sun and all the history from ancient times. Olympos differs from classical sea&sun holidays in many ways.The major difference is that Olympos is a protected site and for this reason you may not accommodate in proper five-star hotels, you will … Read more

50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 2

Here is a giant service from Do You Know Turkey! Our serial, which consists of 2 parts, about Must-See Places in Turkey, comes to an end with the 2nd article today. (To see the first part of 50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 1, please click here). Therefore, we are sure that you will … Read more

Turkey’s Top Destinations

Here is a quick list of the top destinations in Turkey. If you are thinking about  coming to Turkey for your summer holiday, you should start to set up your travel plan.  This list will help you very much. Note that this list is unique ; if you click on the destination, a Google satellite … Read more

World Lahmacun* Record


A 189 cm long lahmacun made in Antalya by chief Ramazan Bilgen. However the restaurant owners whom attempt the break the past years record, forgot to call the authorities to certificate. After realizing the situation, they called public notary immediately and ordered Ramazan Bilgin another lahmacun. The second lahmacun were prepared quickly and it was 188 … Read more