The Delicious Turkish Way to Cook Chicken Saute | Today’s Recipe

The most favorite dish of the Sultan was Chicken Saute

“Chicken Saute” is one of the favorite main dishes of Turkish cuisine. It is very easy and economical to prepare. It is made with chicken breast and many other ingredients that can add a different flavor to the dish. You may find chicken breast tasteless; however, the ingredients we are going to use will change … Read more

American tourists and their choice of Turkey for holiday

Panorama of İstanbul's historical peninsula from Galata tower

Why American tourists choose Turkey for their holidays? American tourists profile shows us they visit Turkey because of historical and cultural hotspots. American tourists have different priorities than European tourists. European tourists mostly chose Turkey for its beautiful sea and sun, historical and cultural artifacts and nightlife are other reasons. Since 2009 and 2010, after … Read more