Exxen TV: Brand New Digital Platform Begins to Serve on January 1st

Through exxen.com, you can make a membership with 9.90 TV per month

As the Turkish audience, we said hi to the new year with two new digital platforms. The first one, which began to broadcast at the end of the last year, was Gain Media. As soon it has set out its journey on the internet as a digital media, it drew great attention. So, the second … Read more

A Review on Leyla Everlasting (9 Kere Leyla): The New Turkish Film on Netflix

Leyla Everlasting (9 Kere Leyla) is a new Turkish film on Netflix

As of December 4, Netflix aired a new Turkish movie, Leyla Everlasting (9 Kere Leyla). The movie has made an overwhelming impression in Turkey, both affirmative and unfavorable. Therefore, today we are going to make a detailed review on Leyla Everlasting. The movie includes some master Turkish actors and actresses besides its unusual story and … Read more