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Successor of Tarkan, A New Star: Murat Boz

Murat Boz
Murat Boz

Turkish music industry has a new star; Murat Boz. He started his  early carreer as a vocalist of the worldwide star Tarkan.

His increasing performance led him to make his own single: “Aşkı Bulamam Ben”  (I Can’t Find Love). This single was the boom point of his career. And after this breaking point everything has changed for Murat Boz.

He was born in a small town named Karadeniz Ereğli, his father was a worker in the heavy steel factıory. Despite livng a low-income household and a small town, he managed to train his talent all his early school life.

Murat Boz was a hard working guy,  he managed to go to İstanbul and completed his education on Fine Arts High Scool. During his school life, he was performed as a vocalist in Atatürk Culture Center and the famous Cemal Reşit Rey concert hall. In the year of 1999 Murat Boz come in the first place in a song contest of the national newspaper “Milliyet”.

Murat Boz became a very popular popstar
Murat Boz became a very popular popstar

After this national degree he went to Jazz Vocal Department of Bilgi University, and after 2003 he continued his musical education in İstanbul Technical University Department of Turkish Music.

He was known as Tarkan’s Vocalist

Murat Boz, starred as the vocalist of Tarkan, however Tarkan was not the only music star he corporated to; Nilüfer, Nazan Öncel, Nil KAraibrahimgil, Hepsi, Burcu Güneş and Hande Yener were the other famous music stars who had Murat Boz’s vocal performance.

The Turning Point  “AŞKI BULAMAM BEN” 

His star shined in the year of 2006 with his first singe Aşkı Bulamam Ben. Having a great success he released his second album “Maximum” this album made great noise, it was a very sucessfull album.

In the year of 2007 he had won Golden Butterfly and IFA awards. with Maximum. ” In 2008, he had a duet with Soner Sarıkabadayı and performed the song Uçurum, which was seleceted as the “Best Song of 2008”

Wearing a gladiator costume skirt caused a sensation.

Murat Boz has weared a gladiator costume in a concert in 2008. Some media presented it as a sjkirt, however it was explained as a leather Roman Warior suit.

His all songs became hits

All albums of Murat Boz were really loved by his fans, all songs performed by him were considered amazing and singed by millions. In consideration of this success, Murat Boz is still lives with his modest lifesytle.

His one and only love Ediz

Despite being famous, Murat Boz was not in the paparazzi media with his special life. Boz is in a long term  relationship with his image consultant Eliz Sakuçoğlu. It is expected that the couple’s relationship will take them to marriage in future.


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