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“Skyfall” the new movie of 007 James Bond shooting in Turkey

The famous film series of James Bond based on Ian Flemings novels continues with the upcoming movie “Skyfall”.The 23rd instalment of the series will have scenes from Turkey. The first 15 minutes will show solid action scenes on the old Railway of  Yüreğir-Misis, the famous Varda Bridge and Kasım Gülek Bridge. Also, the movie will include scenes from Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet Square in İstanbul.

Skyfall - Film Shootings has started in Adana
Skyfall – Film Shootings has started in Adana

Last week the cast crew has arrived Adana and started the trial film shootings, the residents watched the shootings with high interest, they hope to see James Bond and some action scenes.

Varda Railway Bridge- Adana
Varda Railway Bridge- Adana, Varda Railway Bridge- Adana, built by Germans(1907-1912), has 172 m long and 98 m (322 ft) height

The production team of the movie sad that they are very impressed about the story of the Varda Bridge and they will show close up scenes of the Bridge and promote the great and historical bridge.

The movie will be on theatres on 9 November 2012.

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  2. Turkey is a country with an amazing diversity for film production.
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