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Return of Çağatay Ulusoy: Medcezir (The Tide)

Çağatay Ulusoy is probably one of the most successful actors of new generation had rough times after the police investigation regarding to usage of drugs among the high-society. But after that hard times, he managed to get it over and return to his career to Medcezir which is his latest tv series project.

Medcezir(The Tide) Cast
Medcezir(The Tide) Cast

Medcezir is actually based on the famous American tv series The O.C. with some modifications on the scenario and story. Çağatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarıkaya got the leading roles as Ryan-Yaman and Marissa-Mira.

Çağatay Ulusoy as "Yaman Koper"
Çağatay Ulusoy as “Yaman Koper”

Çağatay Ulusoy acts the character Yaman, the poor but handsome and smart guy whose family has monetary and criminal problems. Besides living in a ghetto Yaman is different than his family, he is a hardworking and honest guy trying to get into the university.

Serenay Sarıkaya as "Mira Beylice"
Serenay Sarıkaya as “Mira Beylice”

Similar to the O.C., Yaman gets his head in trouble and he finds himself in a rich family’s protection with lots of new friends around but he still feels lonely and suffers from the drama of his family.

Serenay Sarıkaya is the beautiful girl of the rich family also she is the most admiring girl in the hood. After introducing with Yaman, things are going to change for her, something pushed her to falling in love with Yaman.

While the strong social class difference is a problem, Mira’s arrogant boyfriend Orkun is a real nightmare. During a long standing relationship Orkun only wants to have Mira but he has no real feelings to her. He makes a lot of dirty tricks to get Yaman into trouble. Also he has a mistress who has strong feelings to Orkun and seems like a real trouble maker…

Yaman’s protector Ali is one of the strong figures. He is a successful lawyer and also he has a similar background with Yaman. He was raised in a poor family and fought with a lot of problems but he succeeded to deal with and became a successful lawyer and married with a beautiful women.

The series passed 10th episode with great tv ratings. Also Warner Bros Studios visited the playoffs to congratulate Medcezir producers.

There is no doubt that the series is a successful implementation of the original series of The O.C. Many TV American series implementation cannot lived so far but like Turkish Desperate Housewives, Medcezir seems to bring on screens for a long time.

The series already built it’s fan clubs and the it’s style became very popular among the Turkish youth. Yaman’s haircut, Mira’s dresses, cell phones, cars… All inspiring stuff shows the strong advertising power which will boost the lifetime of the series.

New episodes are on air in Fridays at 20:00 o’clock in (Turkish time) at Star TV screens.
Official page is: here

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  1. Asallam O Alikom,…Me from Pakistan,Peshawar and this serior is dubbed in urdu and i ove this serior,…and specially Imran And Mira ♥

  2. Hey , cagatay I’m your biggest fan from India , your shows are like 😙 amazing. My most favourite is feriha. love you

  3. Asslam alykum me from India I am big fan of you CAGATAY ULUSOY love you soooo much you are the best actor of Turkey you are sooo handsome and so cute love u alots sweetheart

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  5. Hey Cao I am a huge fan of yours I watch Emir in Yolü daily I don’t understand Turkish Language but I love turkey and it’s shows

  6. Amazing Drama Serial and want to know about their next season is it expected or not please update here ..

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