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Recipe: MANTI (Ravioli of Turkey)

It is a traditional Turkish food. Its preparation and taste looks like Ravioli an Italian food. Cooking mantı is a bit hard but after tasting you definitely decide that it is worth while and surely you want to try it.


3-4 glasses of flour

4 eggs

0.5 glass of water



2 Onions

400gr ground meat ( double grinded)

salt, black pepper


Yogurt with garlic

Herbs ( peppermint, red pepper flakes, sumac)

Melted butter


Sift 2 glasses of flour to a clean bench. Dish the flour again like in recipe of Lokma. Put egg, water and salt to the hole at the center of flour and first mix liquid ingredients with your finger tips then mix with flour. Knead all ingredients for a long time. Add more flour if needed and get a brutal dough. Put into medium size pieces cover them with a moist cloth and let rest for 15-20 seconds. In the meantime prepare filling ingredients. Chop the onions in tiny size or grate them. Add ground meat, salt and black pepper. Knead all filling ingredients. After preparing filling dredge the bench and put one piece of dough to the bench. After dredge to the piece start to roll out dough by using a rolling pin. Roll each piece in 2mm thickness. Divide it in squares in 2*2 cm size. Take a part from raw meaty mixture in chickpea size and put in at the center of each square. Join cross corners at the top and give a bundle shape put in a wide flat pan dredge the bundles and wait for nearly half an hour. To boil pieces put sufficient amount of water to a large pan. After that cook mantı in boiling water. When pieces become softer and float at the top of the water take them to a serving plate. Prepare its sauce by mixing garlic with yogurt. First pour yogurt over it then pour melted butter on it season and decorate with herbs. You can serve it either as strained or in aqueus form. It is up to your taste.

Strained Mantı
Aqueus Mantı
Aqueus Mantı

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