Quarantine Pillow Challenge has started in Turkey (Photo: Onedio)
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Quarantine Pillow Challenge is Now in Turkey

Quarantine pillow challenge is now in Turkey! Challenges on through social media have keeping to shake the world for a while. World-famous celebrities who got bored due to the coronavirus quarantine initiate new “challenges” through several social media platforms. So, every day, a new challenge joins this trend. Here is the new one: Pillow challenge!

Turkish celebrities closely follow global trends. Whenever a new trend starts in the world, you can see that trend in Turkey very quickly. So, what is pillow challenge? Which Turkish celebrities have already joined pillow challenge in quarantine? All the details are in our article…

What is Pillow Challenge?

Like the great majority of Turkey’s population, Turkish celebrities have also locked themselves into their houses due to the coronavirus break out. Since the epidemic has been spreading fastly in all over the world, precautions and fear are spreading, too. The number of coronavirus case has already exceeded 1 million 400 thousand in the world. The death toll, on the other hand, has sadly reached over 80 thousand. Those numbers prove how vital taking yourself into quarantine is. (For more updated information, please click here.)

Self-quarantine during COVID-19 pandemic is very vital. (Photo: Edward Jenner)
Self-quarantine during COVID-19 pandemic is very vital. (Photo: Edward Jenner)

So, both Turkish celebrities and ordinary people are looking for ways to get rid of being bored. And here is the new one: Pillow challenge! This trend is the trend of making clothes from the pillow for those who cannot decide what to wear at home. Some famous names also fell into this trend. So, the new challenge has joined to the streams of staying in quarantine.

Which Have Turkish Celebrities Joined The Pillow Challenge?

Those who are under the quarantine after the COVID-19 pandemic and don’t know what to wear are joining this challenge. Turkish celebrities such as Şeyma Subaşı, Enis Arıkan, Dila Tarkan, Eda Taşpınar, Yeşim Erçetin joined the trend. According to this new challenge, you make a dress from the pillow by enclosing it with a belt. The challenge started on Instagram.

Turkish celebrities joined quarantine pillow challenge. (Photo: Cottonbro)
Turkish celebrities joined quarantine pillow challenge. (Photo: Cottonbro)

Taking your pillow and attaching it to your waist with a belt and then taking a photo as if it was a designer dress on you drew people’s attraction. Eda Taşpınar, a fashionable beauty, shared the photo of wearing a pillow and wearing a belt on her waist. And she added the note saying “Whatever we wear? OK, OK. Pillow is OK.

Here are Turkish celebrities who have already joined pillow challenge…

1- Eda Taşpınar


The beautiful Turkish model Eda Taşpınar has become the first who started the quarantine pillow challenge in Turkey. Her post on Instagram got thousands-of-like. With the note, she also made her followers laugh: “Whatever we wear? OK, OK. Pillow is OK.”

2- Şeyma Subaşı


The fashionable Turkish celebrity Şeyma Subaşı has also joined the quarantine pillow challenge.

3- Enis Arıkan


Theatre player and comedian Enis Arıkan also kept up with quarantine pillow challenge. And his pose on Instagram shortly after became a trend in social media.

4- Dila Tarkan


Turkish celebrity, model and Instagram phenomenon Dila Tarkan is another name who kept up with the quarantine pillow challenge. She added under the picture that “They sat summer has arrived! Then, it is time for me to go!”

5- Yeşim Erçetin


The former singer and model Yeşim Erçetin is the last name who participated in the quarantine pillow challenge. The beautiful Turkish celebrity got thousands-of-like with this brave post on Instagram.

Consequently, we would like to repeat the call for “stay home” once again as doyouknowturkey team. Staying home, washing hands carefully, and considering the personnel cleanness are very valuable precautions in these days. Hopefully, sooner or later, these dark days will pass by. Take care of yourself until then!

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