Polar Alemdar’s right hand Memati Baş is dead

Memati was shot in his wedding
Memati was shot in his wedding

Memati Baş, the right hand of Polat Alemdar is dead!

This shocking event happened in the first episode of the new season on 13 September 2012. This was a radicas change of the script of the serie. Last year no one can ever imagine Kurtlar Vadisi without Memati, but this unexpected thing has happened, this change showed that everything can happen in the script of the famous Kurtlar Vadisi series.

Why Memati was so popular in Kurtlar Vadisi?

In the first seasons of Kurtlar Vadisi, Memati was the right hand of the newborn godfather Süleyman Çakır. After the death of Süleyman Çakır, Memati continued his career as the right hand of Polat Alemdar, later Abdülhey will join him on this important duty.

Memati’s dark journey has began on his childhood, when he was imprisoned in jail, Süleyman Çakır was the one who saved Memati’s life from the gang who wants to kill Memati. This was the reason why Memati is so loyal to his boss Süleyman Çakır and his successor Polat Alemdar.

Memati who comes from the streets, was and impetuous and merciless man. For him, the porblem will always be abstract and must have simple solutions. He was never interested with the main reasons and causes.

Polar Alemdar loves him, and in his operations Memati was always his indispensable right hand. The most important talent of Memati was his ability to reach the targets directly.

His ex-girlfirend was killed by Fuat Tamer Tataroğlu. His son newborn son Ali Memati was murdered by intelligent agent Ersoy Ulubey.

At the end of the season 9 of Kurtlar Vadisi, Memati was hit by the terror organisation in his wedding with Selvi Çakır. This shot was resulted by death in the first episode of the season 10. This tragedy impressed millions and lots of people cried during the scene which Polat Alemdat washes his brother Memati’s death body in his last bathing before burying him.

Memati is dead!
Memati is dead!

Here you may watch this tragedic scenes:


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