Turkish Tv Series are Getting Popular

After Brazilian wave of soap operas had passed,domestic projects of tv series started by inspiring the same emotional paradoxes, poor-rich conflicts and classic sit-com model. Obtaining high television ratings,series became more mature and subjects varied too much. Lots of new series projects launched but only some of them were successful. People are more selective now. … Read more

Ufo Sighting: Aliens are back in Eşme/UŞAK after 7 Years

Residents from Narlı village claimed that they saw aliens again after seven years from the first UFO sighting. The correspondent of Anatolian Agency gave the information that the tobacco workers from Tekağaç and Dede Lake location. Hasan Tülü (37) his wife Ferah Tülü, their child Hale Tülü (7) and Ahmet Can (40) and his wife Hafize … Read more

Cehennem Deresi Canyon-The Unknown Great

Cehennem Ceresi Canyon

The canyon is formed by erosion. The North-Eastern Plateau with high peaked mountains forms powerful rivers and streams that erode the mountain formations. This river erosion makes Cehennem Deresi Canyon special, it is very deep over 300m indeed, also very close the width is 70m at most, besides its major area as the river lies … Read more

Matchmaker Shows Crashes The Ratings On Tv !

Matchmaking is the new trend on TV. It has been almost six mounts when the first marriage oriented show “Dest-i İzdivaç” has been started. Now there are three shows in two channels. The concept of this shows are based on traditional motives, because of the target audience and their expectations. The audience on the studio … Read more

World Lahmacun* Record


A 189 cm long lahmacun made in Antalya by chief Ramazan Bilgen. However the restaurant owners whom attempt the break the past years record, forgot to call the authorities to certificate. After realizing the situation, they called public notary immediately and ordered Ramazan Bilgin another lahmacun. The second lahmacun were prepared quickly and it was 188 … Read more

Miss Civilization Of The World 2008: Helen From Troy

The beauty contest Miss Civilization Of The World will be hosted in Çanakkale on 16th of April 2008. Çanakkale has a great historical background it is the land of Troy and Gelibolu (Galleapoli) and WW1. This contest is totally interesting, because the patent owner of this contest is Mr.Suha Özgermi who is known as a hero “National … Read more