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A great article for Beren Saat is ready for you: 

Beren Saat is acting as Atiye in Gift Turkish original Netflix series

Beren Saat: The Most Popular Turkish Actress of the Last Decade!

By the interest of our guest to the post “Turkish Tv Series are getting Popular” there is an interesting demand to Turkish actresses, after Tuba Büyüküstün’s photo gallery we decided to re-introduce you with Beren Saat. You know her from the series “Hatırla Sevgili” and “Aşk-ı Memnu”.
Her biography:

She was discovered while she was a student at Başken University Department of Business Administration, she joined the talent hunter competition “Türkiye’nin Yıldızları” (The Stars of Turkey) and with her performance, her star started to shine.

Name: Beren SAAT
Date of Birth 26-02-1984
Place of Birth: Ankara
Education: University

Foreign Languages:
English, Spanish (Learning)
Height / Weight: 1.67 / 50
Hair / Eye Color: Light Brown / Green
Occupation: Student (Başkent University)
Favorite movies: Grease, Chicago, Desperado, Chocolate, Mug, In  Love and War
Love the Series: Asmalı Konak, Bir Istanbul Masalı, School Book, Sweet Life, Sex & The City, Ally Mc Beal
Favorite Cast: Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Filiz Akın, Emre Altuğ, Haluk Bilginer, Haldun Dormen, Fatma Girik
She Likes: To Dance, to make Pictures, to play tennis, to go to the movies


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  1. Beren is a very beautiful girl,but she disappoint me by the character she played in the series movie of forbidden love.Ethiopia khalid

  2. you are wonderful ,really i cant believe tou are that talented, you dont depend on your beauty,keep it up
    we love you all egyptians

  3. LOVE YOU ……………………………………………………………………………………..

  4. you were unbelievable actress in ASKI-Memnu.i get involved in your character are so beautiful and sexy

  5. i think you are simply the best turkish actress , how u acted two totally different parts in ask i memnu and fatmagulun is sooo impressive ! .. really big fan here

  6. I appreciate you & I love u beren saat and you are the life of the series movie of forbidden love i wish you long life and success.

  7. Beren saat is cute ^.^ but the best is tuba buyukustun because she is from my favorites artists but beren saat is cute too i love her too anyway the both of them are cute :D

  8. I love Tuba Buyukustun she is my favorite
    acterss and I love her so much she is so beautiful and cute

  9. You are so amazing,good and so perfect in the way you play two different role both in Ask-i-memnu and Fatma.We all love u here in Nigeria and i really adore u.Lots of love Beren Saat

  10. You are so amazing, good looking and so perfect in the way you play two different role both in Ask-i-memnu. We all love u here in Pakistan and we really like your acting. For Lots of love Beren Saat

  11. There’s something about Beren that sucks you in as a viewer. It’s beyond her physical beauty, she’s got all kinds of appeal. So incredibly talented, as well. I hope she keeps getting roles and keeps moving on up..and what a sweet smile she has.

  12. those says that tuba buyukustan is beautiful just shutup beren saat meryem uzerli filiz ahmet sevtap ozaltun are beautiful and beren saat and meryem uzerli I love u

  13. I love you beren saat you are the best , you are more beautiful and talented than any turkish actress that i have ever seen like tuba buyukustun , hazal kaya or sedef avci….. they are good but they are nothing to you . Beren rules !

  14. Wow Beren Saat is a fabulous actress from Turkey I love watch fatmagul I have seen the trailer of fatmagul in Turkish language but I can’t understand a single word I am waiting when it’s second season will Telecast in Hindi


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