New Trend in Turkish Cuisine II: Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) with Fish in the Same Wrap

Following our first article as first of “New Trend in Turkish Cuisine” serial, today we are before you again. We are about to share a new recipe that will whet your appetite! Have you ever heard of “Lahmacun with Fish”? So, this is what you are going to learn today! (But before that, do not forget to check our first article not to stay behind of trend!)

Before getting started, we would like to recall something that you probably already know. Lahmacun — a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat, minced vegetables, and herbs — is mostly famous as Turkish pizza in the world. (You may want to take a look at our previous articles on this topic.) So, as with Italian pizza, Turkish pizza (lahmacun) also has many different kinds with different ingredients. But as you already know other types, we are going to introduce you to the new type: Lahmacun with fish!

Fish lahmacun goes well with rucola and ayran to drink with
Fish lahmacun goes well with rucola and ayran to drink with

Lahmacun with Fish: A Flavor Won’t Make You Put on Weight

Making this delicious treat is not as hard as you probably think. Trout and some other common vegetables are enough to make a crunchy and delicious lahmacun. What’s more, as fish is healthy white meat, it doesn’t contain many calories and fat. So, this new trend explains how to lahmacun without putting on weight.

How to Eat This New Type of Lahmacun?

The answer to how to make lahmacun with fish is the same as the ordinary one. The only difference is that you use fish (trout, salmon trout) instead of minced meat (beef or lamb). Other procedures are all the same that you can see here.

This new flavor is a growing trend in Turkish cuisine
This new flavor is a growing trend in Turkish cuisine

As for the question of how to eat or what to drink along with this new trend in Turkish cuisine, it depends on your taste. Most traditionally, people drink Turkish traditional beverage ayran along with Lahmacun. However, as it might be dangerous to drink beverages like ayran with lahmacun, chefs generally don’t recommend to do that. Still, in case the fish is fresh and cleaned thoroughly, there is nothing better to dring with lahmacun, but ayran.

The Phenomenon Chef of Turkey’s Ankara: Mehmet Gezen

Mehmet Gezen is one of the most popular chefs in Turkey as we pointed out in one of our previous articles. He is particularly specialized with fishes and nowadays, he has been serving in Turkey’s capital Ankara. So, recently, by preparing a lahmacun (Turkish pizza) with fish, he announced that he is also in the game!

The phenomenon fish chef of Ankara applied every ordinary step to be applied to an ordinary lahmacun while cooking it with fish.

With easy steps, you can make fish lahmacun (Turkish pizza) at home
With easy steps, you can make fish lahmacun (Turkish pizza) at home

What are the Ingredients of Lahmacun with Fish?

The ingredients of the dish are easy-to-find and you can find them in every ordinary kitchen. So, they are tomato, pepper, garlic, onion, and parsley. As we stated before, the only difference that you prepare the filling of lahmacun with fish instead of minced meat. Fillet of sea bass is also a good option to use in this delicious trend.

So, hopefully, you will like this new trend in Turkish cuisine. And hereby, we have come to an end in our New Trend in Turkish Cuisine I and II serial. We would really like to receive your feedback related to our posts.

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