Necati Şaşmaz is married with Nagehan Kaşıkçı on 12.12.12

Necati Şaşmaz a.k.a. Polat Alemdar the star of Kurtlar Vadisi(Valley of The Wolves) was married with Nagehan Kaşıkçı by a surprising wedding on 12.12.12.

The news was very surpising because Necati Şaşmaz was together with Nur Fettahoğlu for a long time. But the couple declared that they had broke up 20 days ago ago.

Necati Şaşmaz is married with Nagehan Kaşıkçı
Necati Şaşmaz is married with Nagehan Kaşıkçı

The new bride Nagehan Kaşıkçı is 20 years old and studying in Economis in İstanbul University. She is the niece of the famous writer Ömer Lütfi Kaşıkçı who wrote books about mafia and secret govermental organizations. Also Ömer Lütfi Kaşıkçı worked on Kurtar Vadisi(Valley of the Wolves) scenario team in its first season. He died in 4 years ago by heart attack.

This snap decision was really surprising. The age difference was another issue, Necati Şaşmaz is 41 years old and Nagehan Kaşıkçı was only 20.

The couple seemed very happy in the wedding ceremony. Necati Şaşmaz answered the marriage question with a big yes after his Basmala. The wedding dress of the bride and the suit of the groom was very stylish.

This flashing news really surprised Polat Alemdar fans.

We wish a best of life today and in the days to come to the new couple.

Here you may see some of the wedding photos:

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  1. …congratulation and best wishes to both of you and also belated happy birthday to you polat alemdar….. what a surprise for us you are married already… God Bless…

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