Miss Civilization Of The World 2008: Helen From Troy

The beauty contest Miss Civilization Of The World will be hosted in Çanakkale on 16th of April 2008. Çanakkale has a great historical background it is the land of Troy and Gelibolu (Galleapoli) and WW1.

Miss Civilization of The World 2008 - Troy, Çanakkale - Turkey organized by Süha Özgermi
Miss Civilization of The World 2008 – Troy, Çanakkale – Turkey organized by Süha Özgermi

This contest is totally interesting, because the patent owner of this contest is Mr.Suha Özgermi who is known as a hero “National Playboy”. He is a very old man but he still maintains his popularity in night life.

The theme is “Helen From Troy” the girls armiss civilization of the we also interesting some of them are just looking like ordinary tourists, maybe this is just a marketing strategy, but some of them are really pretty here is the gallery. We hope you will enjoy:

7 thoughts on “Miss Civilization Of The World 2008: Helen From Troy”

  1. This looks like a contest for has beens that never were… Pathetic! And the title Miss Civilization?? Are you fucking kidding me?? Hosted by some old Porno King. If this is being a civilized woman, I’m gonna kill my self!!!

    Jeez the length that people go to…

  2. This isn’t a well organized contest at all. The organization does not speak English and the girls are practically forced to sit on the what you call “national playboy” ‘s lap.

    Those who don’t sit on the old geezer’s lap aren’t allowed to participate in all activities. Forcing people to sit on your lap doesn’t make you a playboy, it seems more like sexual harassment and makes you look like a pervert.

    If it were me, I’d shove his cane so far down his throat that it comes out his pooper.

  3. Gelnn,you are right about this unprofessional competition,they made many big mistakes and never pay any money prizes,the hotels were very bad and dirty,and they dont speak english and the programe is very bad,show,food etc.
    I have been their ,and i must say that it is the worse competition i ever attend.
    I advise all the contestants and national Directors not to cooperate with this orgfanization.

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