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Meryem Uzerli has given birth to a baby girl: Lara Uzerli

Famous tv actress Meryem Uzerli has given birth to a baby girl on 10.02.2014 and shared the photo of the baby’s hand on her Instagram account.

Last year was not a good year for Meryem Uzerli. She left Muhteşem Yüzyıl tv-series and returned to Germany due to burnout syndrome. She was pregnant but her boyfriend Can Ateş left her.

Besides all these problems, she decided to give birth to her baby and after a silent pregnancy, she has given birth to a baby girl named “Lara”.

Meryem Uzerli posted a message from her social media accounts for Lara Uzerli:

“Welcome to my world my lovely darling Lara Uzerli. You’ve born 10.02.2014. I thank to god for you, you come with health. I thank god because god gave me power. I’m able to protect you from the very first day, you are alive. And my greatest present. Many of my friends was with me during the birth and i want to thank to my family, my friends and you my precious lovers. For your good wishes… For your love! Thank you!”

Meryem Uzerli shared a photo of newborn Lara Uzerli’s hand.

Meryem Uzeli's daughter Lara Uzerli's first photo
Meryem Uzeli’s daughter Lara Uzerli’s first photo

Click here to see Lara Uzerli’s photos.

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  1. im a big fan of u meryem i love u alot im from Pakistan everyone ere love u n ur beauty may Allah give good health to u n ur daughter

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