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Mehmet Akif Alakurt: a charismatic star

Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Mehmet Akif Alakurt is one of the most handsome actors on Turkish television. He was born on 23 July 1979 in İstanbul. After graduating from high school he became a model in 1998. He was young and has a fit body and his height(1.90) which was his greatest advantage to became famous.

Mehmet Akif Alakurt in a fashion show.  Sexy Body

Mehmet Akif Alakurt in a fashion show

In 2001, he was selected the Best Model of Turkey 2001 and the same year he was also awarded as the Best Model of The World 2001.

Becoming the world’s best model opened the gates of the magical world of television and he first appeared in the tv series Kırık Ayna(Broken Mirror) in 2002.  He continued his television career with Metro Palace, Zeytin Dalı and finally starred in 2006 in Hacı tv series.

Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Hacı was his first great project and he performed very well in this series and this success lead him greater products.

In 2006 he was starred in famous tv series Sıla as the character Boran Ağa with Cansu Dere(Sıla). This series gave him a huge fanbase also this series gave him international fame.  In 2008 he starred in the tv series Adanalı and his success was remarkable.

Mehmet Akif Alakurt in Hacı(The Hadji) tv series

Mehmet Akif Alakurt in Hacı(The Hadji) tv series

After having a break, he returned the screens in 2011 with the series Reis. In 2013 he starred in the television series “Fatih(Conquereror) as the might Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Mehmet Akif Alakurt as Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Mehmet Akif Alakurt as Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Besides tv projects, Mehmet Akif Alakurt had a great modelling career, he was worked with a lot of worldwide brands like Lacoste etc.

He likes sports and works hard to keep his body good-looking. Also, he enjoys tasting great foods.

He dated Azerbaijani actress Leyla Başak from the Sıla tv series for 1 year. Mehmet Akif Alakurt currently has a relationship with Tuğçe Vargın and the couple is making marriage plans in 2014.

He has 1.90 in height and has 93 kgs weight.

41 thoughts on “Mehmet Akif Alakurt: a charismatic star”

  1. Memet Akif Alakurt is a god gift to the world best actor I have ever seen.I love to see hime in more serials.

  2. Not only that he is very handsome, but also plays his roles very natural. He is simply induces you a state of well – never can take enough in seeing him acting. Turkey is very lucky to have him – such personalities are the best ambassadors all over the world.

  3. I am agree with you. Mehmet akif alakurt is more than this. Yes Turkish pepel should proud of him. In my opinion mehmet is number one in the hole world.

  4. Such a powerful character in Sila movie. I loved the movie and saw it 6 times and can see it again. Burn is one of the best khan I know.

  5. Mehmet akif is wonderfull star when he play we can’t move we can’t talk just pay attention and look at his beautiful face and powerfull act. I fell all action. He is the best actor I hVe ever seen with big and kind heart he deserve the best life. I love and respect for ever.

  6. Very handsome man, charismatic and very talented:)
    One of the best actors in Turkey together with Kyvanch Titlatu.

  7. Heyy mehmet I’m sondina I know you are series is so god but whay sila not like u is true u and sila is u ar wife seri josh or no but is soooooooooooooo God moves I like so much but I don’t adrestent u what toking hahahah abut is ok 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💗💗💗

  8. Is lok so hot but u ar Muslim to getting model is not God bradher soryy I tell you u know bedher off me I’m 22 years old and u tell me what to do with my life is not God allah is 1 tanks u don’t believe of u ar mode ok add me

  9. Wow!! What a beautiful man! His character has wonderful values in Sila’s serie. Here in México begins the Sila’s broudcast.l hope that this will be a succes! Bello, muy bello Mehmet!

  10. Precisamos assistir O HADJI aqui no Brasil, deve ser história, cultura, paisagens, e, certamente o próprio enredo. Algo muito mais interessante do que tem sido oferecido nas telenovelas por aqui pó outras emissoras. Entao DEIXO ESTE RECADO PARA REDE TELEVISAO BANDEIRANTES, A NOSSA BAND.

  11. Where is mehmet akif alakurt and cansu dere that all every body keep doing is putting old pictures of them nothing of now like in the United state they keep up but with real new pictures not old rerun pictures of the stars we say up to date what’s wrong with Turkish reporters the can’t handle thier ow celebrity’s sorry the truth in Instagram Facebook twitter old old pics how do we know because these actores don’t put thier own pics like our actors do all the time jlo mark Anthony Kanye west kardashions Pratt pit Jolie etching just saying if Turkish want to be popular with us got to keep up but real not fan pages other person doing the work for them. And relally love Turkish actores and actress excellent jobs. But got to be real. 🌹😘

  12. Kateřina Marenčáková

    Mehmet AKIF Alakurt je vynikající herec,hraje tak přirozeně že okamžitě upoutá pozornost musíte se na něho dívat,nejde odejít.Je krasavec jak postavou,tak vším.Je nejkrásnější herec na světě a seriál Sila tam mu to slušelo nejvíce.Mám ráda Turecké seriály jsou hezké .Ale Mehmet je nejlepší ze všech.

  13. Mehmet AKIF Alakurt je velmi dobrý herec,nemá konkurenci,hraje tak přirozeně že vás okamžitě upoutá nejde od něho odejít.Turecko může být pyšný na tak skvělého herce.Je nejkrásnější muž na světě nemá konkurenci jak postavou tak vzhledem je jednička.

  14. Er wird für immer der Traum
    von allen Frauen bleiben, denn
    jede wünscht sich ihren eigenen

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