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Matchmaker Shows Crashes The Ratings On Tv !

Matchmaking is the new trend on TV. It has been almost six mounts when the first marriage-oriented show “Dest-i İzdivaç” has been started. Now there are three shows on two channels.

desti izdivac

The concept of these shows is based on traditional motives, because of the target audience and their expectations. The audience in the studio acts as a jury and some kind of weird dialogues are quite shocking.

Socially, people are not open-minded about meeting someone from internet sites or chat rooms, but they really have a positive approach from this kind of tv meeting.

All of the three shows are strongly marriage targeted, sometimes they put pressure on the attendants, after seeing each other they have a short chat and the jury gives their opinion then they go backstage and try to know each other. If they agree on getting married, proposals and wedding are also the subject of another show that is quite like a celebration.

Mostly middle-aged or old people are attending to get married, who has not had much expectations from a marriage, a retired husband and a retirement salary or a house, men’s expectations are simple too, someone to get avoid from loneliness.

Here is a video that you will love it! A man is coming to the studio with a woman dress, a traditional skirt and dancing like a belly dancer this is called “Koçek Dancing”.  And he wants to get married.

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