Love in the Air: İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish Romantic Comedy

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İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish TV series is a “classy” romantic comedy of Turkish televisions. Despite the short broadcasting time of the series, it opened the door all the way through for this category in Turkey.

İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV show has also crucial importance in terms of being one of the first for Can Yaman‘s rising popularity in Turkey. Thanks to this TV series, Can Yaman got the chance to prove his talent in order to be Turkey’s one of the leading actor on television. So, he evaluated this chance as best as he could.

İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite is one of the assertive series of Fox TV channel. The TV series started to be on the screens in June 2015. The leading role of the series is Can Yaman who played in Gönül İşleri as Baydır character. So this time, Can Yaman is acting as Yalın Aras. He is the young holder of a giant technology company. And Açelya Topaloğlu, on the other hand, is appearing as Defne Barutçu Aras. She is a successful computer engineer who gets stuck into 3 jealous brothers in the family.

Synopsis of İnadina Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV Series

Defne (Açelya Toaloğlu) is the leading female character of the series. She takes place in the series as a young and clever newly graduate. Defne is a computer engineer and is very excited about the new and the first job that she is about to start. In her first day at the company, Defne meets the owner of the company, Yalın (Can Yaman), by accident. And the way they met each other was unexpected and a funny coincidence. While she thought that the man she met is a casual security guy, but on the contrary, she actually met the owner of the firm. Nevertheless, it will take some time for her to learn his actual position.

The cast of Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV drama.
The cast of Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV drama.

As for another leading role of the series, we encounter with Yalın (Can Yaman). He is the most popular celebrity figure of Turkish televisions in recent years. In this TV series, he appears again as a young, successful, rich and of course, handsome businessman. Yalın catches Defne while she dresses up in the company’s parking area twice. Thereupon, he fools Defne, so Defne resigns in her first day at the company. So, Yalın goes behind Defne to make her forgive himself. Moreover, he tries to convince him to come back to the job in the firm. However, there are some obstacles such as Defne’s jealous brother. They, by the way, didn’t like Yalın at all! Though, we understand that some special feelings between Defne and Yalın spread out of the air.

Defne’s Jealous Brothers Means An Obstacle!

Sooner or later, Defne starts to work in Yalın’s company as a promising young computer engineer. No matter how her brother contradicts with Defne’s decision, her decision is the final and she insists not to miss the chance. Because Arass Technology is the leading company in the sector and this means a great opportunity for Defne to gain precious experience in her future career.

Yalın (Can Yaman) and Defne (Açelya Topaloğlu)
Yalın (Can Yaman) and Defne (Açelya Topaloğlu)

Meanwhile, an unexpected event occurs! Defne’s older brother Çınar (Eren Vurdem) falls in love with Yalın’s sister Yeşim (Nilay Duru). He comes across with Yeşim when he went to Defne’s company to beats up Yalın. So, thereupon, the story becomes very complicated and extremely funny.

Why Should You Watch İnadına Aşk – Love-Out-of-Spite?

Can Yaman maybe the first answer for this question! By watching this TV series, you will witness to the rising of Can Yaman’s career. What’s more, you will see how a lawyer turns into an actor. As you well know, he is now not only famous in Turkey but also all over the world.

In addition, you will watch the funny story of Defne and Yalın who work in the same company. But they do not get along with each other very well. So, during the 32 episodes of the series, we will be kept wondering if the duo falls in love with each other. And another question the series made us asking is that if Defne copes with all the problems in her first job.

The Release Date of İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite TV Series

The TV series first appeared on Fox TV on 2 July 2015 and lasted until 3 February 2016. Turkish romantic comedy has 32 episodes on the television. In order to watch the series, you have several options: You can either go to Youtube / InadinaAsk page or Fox TV / InadinaAsk official websites.

Above all, Spain purchased İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite Turkish romantic comedy and became very successful there. The TV series was broadcasted in Spain in the name of Amor Obstinado. And the TV series provided a wide range of fame to Can Yaman there. For the social media accounts;

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