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Kuzey Güney is Finished!


Sad news to Kuzey Güney fans, after 3 seasons and 80th episodes, the series made its final episode yesterday with surprising end!

Kuzey Güney is finished with a surprising final episode

Kuzey Güney is finished with a surprising final episode

Kuzey Güney, was one of the most popular tv series of recent years. Having Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ made this series popular from the first episode with increasing audience until the final episode. Also rich casting and great scenario(based from American tv series Poor Man Rich man) with a good production the series successful.

Yesterday, Kanal D was broadcast the final episode of Kuzey Güney. We don’t want to give spoilers from here, because fans may want to enjoy the last episode or season. The only thing we can say here is that it finishes with happy ending.

Kıvaç Tatlıtuğ once again finished his work with great success. Kuzey Güney took a good place on Kıvanç’s career after Gümüş and Aşkı Memnu.

Here you may watch the 80th (final episode) full and one part in Turkish:

3 thoughts on “Kuzey Güney is Finished!”

  1. Series ending was really bad and dis-pointing for sure . Why Kuzey could not leave cemre for Guney

    Yes Guney did lot of blunders but he was not alone to be blamed Officer sherif i never liked his role

    Kuzey and sherif loosers as guney killed the dangerous ferihat and guney only was kuzey coming close to cemre

    Guney did not deserve this -Bugra is anyday better than kivanc

  2. Miss u alot kuzey guney . It’s really hurting to end up watching this . Wish to see again with new seasons

  3. Tiyas Bhattacharya

    Bugra Gulsoy, is much more better in Kuzey Guney than Kivanc.In my own view, Guney is the considerable and central figure of this shows – the very keystone of the arch on which the whole story is built. He is the very life and soul of the plot of this show. So, I think the ending is a bit disappointing. The ending just shows Kivanc as the central character, though his existence is less considerable and less important than Bugra.

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