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Kızım – My Daughter Tv Series: A Great Drama Packed With Comedy

My Daughter tv series is a father and daughter story. The series shows us what a father can do for his daughter and the things that he leaves behind. The story is an eight-year-old girl who, unlike her peers, has a very clear perception, a strong sense of empathy and a very intelligent girl.

Kızım My Daughter Tv Series
Kızım My Daughter Tv Series

The subject of my daughter

Demir Göktürk (played by Buğra Gülsoy) is a swindler and irresponsible man who leaves his girlfriend and his girlfriend does not realize that she is pregnant while leaving her boyfriend. Öykü (played by Beren Gökyıldız), their lovely Daughter is born, and his mother walks away and leaves Öykü to her his auntie. One day, his aunt gave Öykü his father’s address and wrote a letter saying that he could no longer look at it. Instead of going to the nursing home, the story begins to look for his father. When his aunt had left Öykü, who raised her since she was born, Öykü has to find her father, Demir, whom he had never seen before. Demir, who had not taken any responsibility in his life and who was raised in an orphanage, is arrested on the day of Öykü’s arrival. Demir is released by the court with the condition of caring for his daughter, but he does not want to live with Öykü he has met on that day.

Kızım My Daughter Tv Drama Show
Kızım My Daughter Tv Drama Show

But sadly Öykü has a big health problem, she had an illness Niemann – Pick a genetic disorder causes forgetfulness like dementia and she forgets everything day by day. When Demir realizes that situation, he tries to change and do whatever he can do to make Öykü coup with this situation. In the meantime, Demir falls in love with a woman Candan (Leyla Lydia Tugutlu), and the drama begins with the drama of the trio full of comedy.

Kızım My Daughter Turkish Tv Series and Drama
Demir, Öykü and Candan in My Daughter Turkish Drama


The drama is based an original Korean tv Show “My Fair Lady” “Oh My Geum Bi” and broadcasted by TV8 @ https://www.tv8.com.tr/kizim 

SPOILER: The illness of Öykü seems life threatening but in the original My Fair Lady series finale, good news the daughter was still alive after 7-8 years, we hope she will be fine in Turkish version.

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