Kerem Bursin and Demet Özdemir: The Love of the Year!

Flash gossip over the love rumor between Turkish actor an actress Kerem Bursin and Demet Ozdemir! So, love gossip has shaken the celebrity agenda in Turkey. Love rumor between the famous Turkish celebrities brought about excitement. Are rumors true? Are Demet Ozdemir and Kerem Bursin really in a relationship?

According to the unverified gossips, the handsome Turkish actor Kerem Bursin is breaking his oath on loneliness with Demet Ozdemir. The handsome Turkish actor’s name had been named with other celebrity names. However, the actor hasn’t been in a relationship after long-term love with Serenay Sarıkaya.

Is there love between the duo? (Image Credit-Tekno 10)
Is there love between the duo? (Image Credit-Tekno 10)

The couple proceeded a 4-year-long relationship, and it resulted in separation last year. Demet Ozdemir, on the other hand, after her popular love story with Can Yaman, experienced short-term relationships with several Turkish celebrities. But none of them lasted a long period. Moreover, none of them became as popular as her passionate love with Can Yaman.

Is Kerem Bursin’s New Lover Demet Ozdemir?

According to the unverified gossips, the duo has sailed for a new love. The duo has taken place in several projects before. Kerem Bursin and Demet Ozdemir have already known each other before, but lately, they have begun to meet more often. The couple frequently gets together via a common friend of both of them. But again, the popular names have not made an official statement yet on love rumors between them.

What Happened So Far between Kerem Bursin and Demet Ozdemir?

While Kerem Bursin has preferred to stay away from new love and dedicate himself to his new projects, his ex-girlfriend Serenay Sarıkaya married to famous Turkish comedian Cem Yılmaz this year. On the other hand, Demet Ozdemir has experienced several relationships after Can Yaman. So, fans of the duo have been waiting for the new developments with great excitement!

Who is Kerem Bursin?

Kerem Bursin’s life story is different from many people. Kerem Bursin was born on the 4th of July 1987. He grew up in a multinational environment because of his father’s job. His family traveled around the world. Kerem Bursin lived in many different countries such as Scotland (Edinburg), Indonesia (Medan, Jakarta), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), USA (Texas, Boston, Los Angeles). And finally, in 1999, he settled in Texas, the United States with his family when he was 12 years old.

The successful Turkish actor Kerem Bursin (Image Credit-Yeni Asir)
The successful Turkish actor Kerem Bursin (Image Credit-Yeni Asir)

In high school, the successful actor founded a rock band with his friends and gave many concerts in Texas. After finishing high school there, he moved to Boston for college education and took acting lessons at Emerson College. He moved to Los Angeles after college and he started acting. Since then, he has visited Turkey for the summer holidays to his grandmother’s home.

What About Demet Ozdemir?

The attractive Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir has recently been on the agenda of Showbiz. She especially has become a phenomenon after Early Bird/Daydreamer Turkish TV series. Because she made a perfect job with her partner Can Yaman. Thanks to their perfect harmony, they both became famous characters all over the world. But, Demet Ozdemir’s career actually goes back a long time ago.

Turkish actress and former dancer Demet Ozdemir (Image Credit-A Haber)
Turkish actress and former dancer Demet Ozdemir (Image Credit-A Haber)

Demet Ozdemir is a Turkish dancer, model, and actress. The beautiful actress was born on 26 February 1991 which means she is at the age of 28. In spite of her young age, she already has committed fans from every part of the world. So, this could have happened with the character as Sanem in the romantic comedy series Erkenci Kuş (Daydreamer).

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