Kadın – Woman Tv Series: Life is about Challenges and Surprises

KadınWoman Tv series is the remake of the Japanese tv series “Woman – My Life For My Children”. The original series was so successful in Japan and Turkish tv producers wanted to remake the series. Yes, the television industry of Turkey is very productive but they are open to bringing worldwide popular series to Turkey. The Turkish version of Woman – Kadın started in 2017 and shortly become so successful that it just won a prize in Tokyo Drama Awards, Japan in October 2015.

bahar - (Özge Özpirinççi) and  Sarp (Caner Cindoruk)
bahar – (Özge Özpirinççi) and Sarp (Caner Cindoruk)

Woman” – Kadın is a drama show about a woman’s struggle of life. Bahar Çeşmeli (played by Özge Özpirinççi) who lost her husband in a mysterious sea accident and she had to look after her two children. Life is very hard for Bahar, and every day she fights to survive. But the economic situation of Bahar gets worse. One day she was convinced by her friends to take government aid but she couldn’t fill the requirements for the aid. Suddenly her mother appears and tries to help Bahar but her mother was the last person on earth she wanted to seek help from–but upon doing so Bahar learns the shocking truth about her husband’s death and she blames her mother about the death of him.

Bahar and her children
Bahar and her children

Bahar has a sister but she tries to keep her away from her life, but unfortunately, Bahar’s husband Sarp Çeşmeli (played by Caner Cindoruk) had the last attempt to bring them back together. But Bahar’s sister was pure evil and the ship accident was her fault, a result of dangerous jealousy.

Bahar's sister Sirin (played by Seray Kaya), she is obsessed with Sarp (played by caner Cindoruk)
Bahar’s sister Sirin (played by Seray Kaya), she is obsessed with Sarp (played by caner Cindoruk)

After the first season, the series becomes more exciting. In the second season brings some -really- big surprises. In order to avoid spoilers this “big surprise” would be enough.

Bahar(played by Özge Özpirinçi) and Sarp (played by caner Cindoruk)
Bahar(played by Özge Özpirinçi) and Sarp (played by caner Cindoruk)

The cast is definitely very successful. especially Özge Özpirinççi.She is a very good actress and she acts in absolute mood and mirrors the deep feelings to the audience. Caner Cindoruk is a very good actor and he is the man of this type of roles.

Where can I watch Kadın – Woman Series

The Woman “Kadın” series broadcast by Fox Tv and aired on Tuesdays at 20:00 İstanbul Time.  and you can watch Kadın – Woman Series online at in FoxTV.com/Kadin and Kadın official Youtube page (Some episodes serve English Subtitles -Auto Generated). In abroad, The series is being aired by:

Country Kanal Yayın adı
Hırvatistan Croatia RTL Žena
Kolombiya Colombia Canal Uno Mujer
İsrail Israel Viva אישה
Meksika Mexico Azteca Uno Fuerza de mujer
Porto RikoPuerto Rico WAPA-TV Mujer
Romanya Romania Happy Channel Femeie în înfruntarea destinului
Yunanistan Greece ANT1 Μια Ζωή
Özbekistan Uzbekistan SevimliTV Ayol


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