Istanbul’s Bosporus: The Magical Beauty with Turquoise Color

Istanbul’s Bosporus waters’ color has recently turned into mesmerizing turquoise. This fascinating geographical incident has drawn great attention in Turkey. However, due to coronavirus curfews, people in Istanbul couldn’t enjoy this rare occasion.

Istanbul has one of the most fascinating natural geographical beauties in the world. This magical beauty is, of course, Bosporus, which is a natural canal that separates The European and The Asian continents. Due to the fact that it is also one of the most popular touristic attractions all over the world, as well as its geographical value.

Istanbul's Bosporus is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in the world. (Property Turkey)
Istanbul’s Bosporus is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in the world. (Property Turkey)

During a year, millions of internal and external tourists visit Istanbul, so do Istanbul’s Bosporus. Taking a boat tour along the Canal to watch Istanbul from the sea is almost a must-do thing in Istanbul. By doing so, you will not only enjoy a boat tour but you will also become a part of the historical city by watching it from “outside”. So, this is just one of the other millions of things that Istanbul promises you. We are sure that there is no one here who has not at least once in their life drinks a cup of Turkish tea with the magnificent view of Bosporus.

Unique Turquoise Color of Istanbul’s Bosporus

The waters of the Bosporus turned a unique turquoise color after the strong wind and rain storm Tuesday. But unfortunately, most Istanbulites weren’t able to enjoy this beautiful scenery due to coronavirus curfews.

Speaking on the possible reasons for the color change, professor Hüseyin Toros of Istanbul Technical University told Demirören News Agency (DHA) that the northeastern wind is the prominent reason behind the transformation.

Bosporus witnesses history through ages. (Istanbul Bosphorus Tour)
Bosporus witnesses history through ages. (Istanbul Bosphorus Tour)

“The northeastern wind has dragged unicellular organisms into the Bosporus. So, it created the turquoise color on the water’s surface with refraction. Air motions in the atmosphere and movements inside water can cause this change. Further, different microorganisms and alterations in sunlight during the day can also cause a change in the water’s color,” he said.

Toros added that the water will return to its normal color in a couple of days. For those who couldn’t’ explore this unique beauty, here we share some of the pictures. We are sure that the mesmerizing turquoise color of Bosporus will amaze you, just as it amazed us.

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