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Istanbul old city Photo Tour

İstanbul’s old city, where the dynasty of Byzantium and Ottoman Empire ruled the world. Here is a great virtual tour of “old city of İstanbul” from a local. Photos are taken in the fall of the year of 2007, seems a bit old but as you remember, Istanbul is an oriental classic city, so it remains on its own beauty.

Today I walked around the historical semi-island of  İstanbul. The old city is very famous including Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia and lots of historical monuments and artifacts. I started my trip from İstanbul University which is settled at 1453 one of the oldest universities of the world. Then I started to take pictures; Beyazıt Mosque & Square Sahaflar (The Old Book Sellers) then I get into the Grand Bazaar, walked around the Column of Constantine and Çemberlitaş Bath. Then I walked stright to the Sultanahmet Park where Hagia Sophia and The Blue Mosque stands, after a small tour on park i walked down to Gülhane Park( is the place where The Hatt-i Sharif (Hatt-ı Şerif) of Gülhane had been declared) and finally i walked through Sirkeci to harbour and sailed through Bosphorus to Kadıköy (The Asian Side of İstanbul)Here is the complete tour by photos,  I added extra info to the gallery .

Enjoy your virtual İstanbul tour.

Virtual İstanbul Old City Tour – Photo Gallery

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