Istanbul Coffee Festival: A Thrill That Has Been Going On For 5 years

Istanbul Coffee Festival, of which 5th anniversary will be celebrated this year, is getting popular year by year. Coffee’s hundreds-year of story and journey continues in Istanbul with the Festival!

A Rising Trend: “Third Wave Coffee”

The reason why we are opening another title for third-wave coffee is its popularity in all over the world. The third-wave coffee approach has started as a reaction to the first two and it still continues.

Here is the short explanation for the first and second waves: back in the 1960s, coffee consumption began to grow exponentially. For the first time, coffee became widely accessible. This marked the first wave.

You must taste third-wave coffee at Istanbul Coffee Festival
You must taste third-wave coffee at Istanbul Coffee Festival

The second wave came with an increase in the quality of coffee readily available. Big companies – such as Starbucks – started running coffee shops as profitable businesses. Coffee started to become a luxury product rather a necessity.

So what about the third wave? There are some different type of answer in order to define it, and there is one certain point that every answer comes across: a way of appreciating a quality product! There are two keywords here: “appreciating” and “quality”. It’s both about the coffee we’re drinking and the way we think about it. Increasing coffee quality, more direct trade, a greater emphasis on sustainability, lighter roast profiles, innovative brew methods – these are all basics to third-wave coffee. We chase sweetness, complexity, and distinctiveness in our brews. And we’re happy to pay more to receive this.

Istanbul Cofee festival and the Famous Coffee Shop of Kadikoy "Walters" insipred by Breaking Bad
Istanbul Cofee festival and the Famous Coffee Shop of Kadikoy “Walters” insipred by Breaking Bad

You must taste third-wave coffees at the festival which are prepared by the professional baristas.

General Information About Istanbul Coffee Festival

The first Istanbul Coffee Festival was organised in 2014, between 25-28 December. After the first festival, curiosity and demand for the festival have continued by raising day by day.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, which puts quality-and-experience-oriented communication to its main focus of all approaches. With its strength gained from the professionals and creators of the coffee industry and all of the consumers who are supporting the continuation of coffee culture.

Istanbul Coffee Festival offers you the world of coffees
Istanbul Coffee Festival offers you the world of coffees

Where Will Istanbul Coffee Festival Take Place?

Istanbul Coffee Festival is waiting for all of the coffee-lovers to KüçükÇiftlik Park in 20-21-22-23rd of September. KüçükÇiftlik Park is in Harbiye, Şişli, Istanbul at the very centre of the city. Organisers aim to give a new start to this festival that will honour coffee which brings life to a whole industry and which reaches a uniting power at the end of its journey in life.

How Can I Go to Küçükçiftlik Park?

As we mentioned above, the park is super central and easily reachable. Küçükçiftlik Park is only a walking distance away from Taksim and Beşiktaş. You can go to the festival area in 10-15 minutes from Taksim and Beşiktaş by walking. If you will join to the thrill from Kadıköy, then you can take a ferry to Beşiktaş harbour and then either walk again or take a dolmuş.

Istanbul Coffee Festival is the 2nd biggest coffee festival in Europe and it hosts tens of thousands of people in a year. In this festival, you will taste so many different types of coffee that you have probably never tried before. However, you better be careful not to overdose coffee! The reason why we warn you for overdose is free coffee offers. There will be many coffee brands at the festival and they will be offering you free coffee to taste. However, Istanbul Coffee Festival doesn’t only offer you coffee to taste, but also other flavours, -such as desserts, chocolates, fast-foods, and so on.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, 2019
Istanbul Coffee Festival, 2019

Who Are The Participants of The Festival?

There will be plenty of participants from both Europe and Turkey. International coffee producers, coffee machine producers, retailers, coffee equipment producers, importers, business people, coffee unions, roasters, talented baristas, local coffee studios and franchises, chocolate brands and individuals from all over the world will be taking their seat and introduce their own interests and design coffees. While talented baristas dazzle guests with their latte arts, the smell of coffee on the air will fascinate everyone.

Istanbul Coffee Festival is waiting to welcome its guests
Istanbul Coffee Festival is waiting to welcome its guests

Ticket Prices of Istanbul Coffee Festival

Ticket prices change depends on daily sessions. There is going to be 2 sessions each day from Thursday to Sunday. The first sessions (between 10.00-14.00) will be cheaper than 2nd sessions (between 15.00-rest of the day), but the ticket prices of ICF range from TRY 25,00 to 60,00. For more detailed information and to buy a ticket, you can click the link below;

Istanbul Coffee Festival on Social Media

For more and updated information, you can also follow the festival on social media in addition to their official website:

You just need to follow the smell of coffee in Istanbul on the 19th of September, 2019, then we believe that you’ll easily find the festival area!

Bonus – Debate:

Istanbul Coffee Festival: Is It a Competitor to Tea?

First of all, we don’t believe that is a competition between coffee and tea. They both have their own taste and funs. The story of Istanbul Coffee Festival doesn’t date back so long anyway, nor the story of coffee itself becoming so popular. Turkey is mostly known with Turkish black tea, which causes an oriental breeze in people’s mind. For instance, Turkish people mostly socialize in local cafes (for Turkish kahvehane, a coffee house in English). They meet up with friends and order many cups of tea and chat during the day. They don’t also hesitate to offer strangers free tea.

Istanbul Coffee Festival cause us to ask this question
Tea or Coffee? Istanbul Coffee Festival cause us to ask this question

Nonetheless, coffee has fastly become a trend in the last decade, especially for hipsters and white-colour workers in Metropol cities such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. Actually, coffee, mostly-known Turkish coffee (check our article “Turkish Coffee For Your Taste!” for more information about it) dates hundred years back to the Ottoman Empire, but nowadays, any kind of person from any kind of social classes commonly consume it. And festivals like Istanbul Coffee Festival ensure to become coffee’s fame widespread.


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