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How Much in Turkey: Custom Price List

When travelling to Turkey, most people wonder the question “How much is in Turkey?”. Sometimes it is very hard to determine the prices in a foreign country. Also local currency and exchange rates makes the calculation harder.

By this topic, we hereby provide the prices of the common consumer goods and transportation in Turkey. This prices will help you to determine the common price level and the excahnge rate of Turkish Lira.

Tip: How much in Turkish is “Ne kadar” or “Kaç (Kach) Lira. For example if you’ll ask “How much is this Kebab” is “Kebab ne kadar” or “Kebab kaç (kach) lira.

Exchange rates as of 15.11.2016

1 USD= 3,25 Turkish Lira (TL)
1 EUR= 3,50 Turkish Lira (TL)
1 GBP= 4 Turkish Lira (TL)
1 SAR= 0,85 Turkish Lira (TL)

(Current Rates may be seen here)

Price of common consumption goods in İstanbul* / Turkey

Water(50ml): 0,75 TL
Coca-Cola(500ml): 1,85 TL
Marlboro 100’s: 12 TL
Kebab’s: ~16-14 TL
Big Mac Menu: 13 TL
Crisps(80gr) 2 TL
Beer (Market): 6,5 TL
Beer (Bar): 10 – 14 TL

Meal Prices:

Avarage Breakfast: 14 TL
Avarage Lunch: 18 TL
Avarage Dinner: 20 TL

Döner Sandwiches:

Chicken Döner: 6 TL
Beef Döner: 12 TL

*İstanbul has a higher price level from other cities in Turkey.

Public Trasportation (İstanbul incity)

Bus Tickets: 2,30 TL
Underground: 2,30 TL
Ferries: 2,30 TL
Metrobus: 3,55 * (Return available for  trips lesser than 45 stops) ;
Reduction applied on transfers.

Detailed fare list for istanbul can be seen -> here 

Taxi Fares (İstanbul)

Taximeter opens with 3,45 TL + 2,1 TL for each km elapsed

->A simple taxi fare calculator with map for İstanbul taxi fares 

Intercity coach fares of major cities of Turkey:

İstanbul – Ankara: 60 TL
İstanbul – Antalya: 85 TL
İstanbul – İzmir: 80 TL
İstanbul – Bodrum: 100 TL
İstanbul – Fethiye / Muğla: 95 TL
İstanbul – Çanakkale: 50 TL

Ankara – Antalya: 70 TL
Ankara – İzmir: 70 TL

İzmir – Bodrum: 35
İzmir – Kuşadası: 19 TL

You may check orther destinations from here: https://www.pamukkale.com.tr/Bilet.php Pamukkale Tourism which has an avarage price level but quality service.

Airport Shuttles of İstanbul Aiports

Sabiha Gökçen İnternational Airport to Taksim Square: 15 TL
Atatürk International Airport to Taksim Square: 12 TL

Warning: The prices provided here are not actual prices, they are written for demonstration purposes only. The prices provided here may be vary among seller&place.

Also you need to know the banknotes and coins. You may see the picture of the banknotes and coins in use:

Turkish Banknotes and Coins in use
Turkish Banknotes and Coins in use

Updated on 15 November 2016

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