Heartsong (Gönül) is a 2022 Turkish drama comedy film on Netflix
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‘Heartsong’ (Gönül) Movie Review: Such a Sweet Movie to Watch!

Netflix’s highly anticipated new Turkish Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül) is finally on the air. The movie, which is starring Hazar Ergüçlü and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil in the lead roles, is written and directed by Soner Caner. The world-famous digital entertainment platform Netflix broadcasted the movie on August 10th, 2022.

Netflix's highly anticipated new Turkish Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül)
Netflix’s highly anticipated new Turkish Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül)

The story of the movie ‘Heartsong’ (Gönül) and its cast have been drawing great attention. BKM Production’s film met with the audience on the Netflix digital platform on August 10. The movie has been ranked in first place in the Netflix Turkey Top 10 list. So, the subject and cast of the movie aroused great curiosity among movie lovers. So, what is the subject of Heartsong, who are the actors and actresses? Here are the details of the movie…

Hazar Ergüçlü and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil
Hazar Ergüçlü and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil

Before we pass on to the story of this touching sweet movie, we need to say that it is a great movie to watch. So, let’s go on and do not worry! The article doesn’t contain any spoilers!

What is the Story of Heartsong?

The movie opens with a written introduction for the characters we will soon meet, the Doms, or gypsy musical ensembles. The group of people goes from location to location hoping of moving people with their music.

Heartsong is a 2022 Turkish drama comedy film on Netflix
Heartsong is a 2022 Turkish drama comedy film on Netflix

Piroz and His Elder Brother Hogir

They both perform as musicians, serenading at village weddings and other events, and Piroz (Erkan Kolçak Köstendil) and his older brother Hogir (Ali Seçkiner Alici) are two such musicians. They belong to a gypsy community and live in a small gypsy settlement. Just before such a wedding, the two brothers learn that their father, Mirze (Bülent Emin Yarar), has once more escaped on his horse-drawn cart.

Love Tales in Succession in Heartsong

The two have grown weary of their father’s behavior by this point, as Mirze is desperate to reunite with his lover, Dilo (Naz Çaybaşı), barely days after his wife’s passing. Mirze is caught in time by Hogir and Piroz. They bring their father back to their village and restrain him to prevent him from escaping once more.

Hazar Ergüçlü is acting as Sümbül
Hazar Ergüçlü is acting as Sümbül

The truth, however, is that Dilo is dead. Mirze is only hallucinating that she is still alive. Though, the sons’ warnings that it does not seem good that their father is hurrying to remarry. What’s more, this is only a few days after the death of his first wife. Nevertheless, behind the curtain, there is only a heartbroken story.

The Encounter of Piroz and Sümbül

Piroz, Hogir, and the younger brother of the elder brother travel to the neighboring village that evening for the wedding. There is where they are supposed to play. Piroz moves alone through the home. He then unexpectedly encounters Sümbül (Hazar Ergüçlü), the bride-to-be. She starts singing a tune that Piroz knows very well.

The Generic Tune of Heartsong

The man harmonizes the following song back to himself. Sümbül then makes a follow-up. The two continue doing this and fall in love with one another right away. Soon after Sümbül is introduced to her fiance, she requests that he sing the same song. She shares her dissatisfaction and laughs at him when he sings poorly.


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Things Get Complicated with the Effect of Heartsong

This infuriates the groom already, but things quickly get much worse as the bride and groom are escorted outside to begin their wedding ceremony. Sümbül begins to approach the musician who is sitting in one corner. Furthermore, the musician, Piroz starts to sing the same melody with his brother and nephew while Sümbül, is still spellbound by her brief. Nonetheless, one way or another, lovely moments harmonizing with Piroz, bring the two even much closer to each other.

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil is acting as Piroz in Heartsong (Gönül)
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil is acting as Piroz in Heartsong (Gönül)

When someone from the groom’s family refers to Sümbül as crazy, the bride’s family members retaliate violently. Sümbül and Piroz stroll romantically toward one other while the two families fight vehemently. This is where Piroz and Sümbül’s tragicomic story begins.

Piroz and His Family Ask for the Sümbül’s Hand

The groom gives up to marry Sümbül as he and his family think that she is a crazy girl. So, Piroz happily learns that the marriage is failed and soon after, they visit Sümbül’s family to ask for her hand. Unfortunately, Sümbül’s family comes from a higher social level, and therefore, they refuse to give their daughter to this Gypsy family. This is especially shocking for Piroz’s father, Mirze, as he went through the same heartbreaking path.

Thus, Piroz begins to make plans to throw Sümbül away and liberate her from her family. As you can see, the main reason for doing and planning this is because he is deeply in love with her. Moreover, this is mutual love. Well, this is the very place where the real story begins.

Will Piroz be Able to Rescue Sümbül from Her Family?

This is where the film becomes complicated. From that moment on, the film makes us feel some opposite feelings altogether, — such as sadness, happiness, joy, thrill, and so on. However, we are going to avoid giving any more details and highly recommend you to watch Heartsong as quicker as you could.

2022 Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül) was released on August 10th on Netflix
2022 Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül) was released on August 10th on Netflix

Should or Shouldn’t We Watch Heartsong?

The answer is yes. Turkish drama comedy Heartsong (Gönül) is definitely worth watching. From the standpoint of the cultural and regional presentations it puts to the fore while narrating a traditional love story, the Turkish comedy-drama Heartsong is quite a unique viewing. In addition to the social context that the movie displays, you will also see Turkey’s rural landscapes. Thus, you will understand that Turkey doesn’t just consist of Istanbul! And another reason to watch Heartsong is the great acting! The movie has a marvelous cast and contains great acting. That’s why the film and its story become even more convincing!

The Cast of Heartsong

  • Erkan Kolçak Köstendil – as Piroz
  • Hazar Ergüçlü – as Sümbül
  • Bülent Emin Yarar – as Mirze
  • Ali Seçkiner Alıcı – as Hogir
  • Selim Bayraktar – as Kalender
  • Şevval Sam – as Sefure
  • Asiye Dinçsoy – as Hatun
  • Nazmi Kırık – as Seymen
  • Ferit Kaya – as Damat
Piroz's gypsy family visits Sümbül's family to ask for her hands
Piroz’s gypsy family visits Sümbül’s family to ask for her hands

How Long Does It Take to Complete Heartsong?

So, let’s now take a look a little bit at the technical details of this 2022 Drama Comedy film on Netflix. First of all, the movie runs for 95 minutes. Soner Caner is both the director and writer of the film. The production company of the film is BKM Production. As for the producers, Necati Akpınar and Faruk Özerten take on the job.

When was Heartsong Released?

2022 Drama Comedy film Heartsong (Gönül) was released on August 10th on Netflix.

In Conclusion: A Quality 95 Minutes to Spend

In a nutshell, Heartsong (Gönül) offers you to witness a dream love story along with the reality of conflict in different social classes and the authenticity of distinct tribes.

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