Furkan Andıç: The Successful Actor of Her Yerde Sen – Everywhere I Go Turkish TV Series

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The successful and handsome Turkish actor Furkan Andıç is a matter of curiosity. Especially after his shinning performance as a leading role in “Everywhere I Go” Turkish TV series, many people began searching for him on the internet. With this TV series, he became very popular both in Turkey and all around the world.

However, Furkan Andıç’s career has started many years ago with different projects, including TV series, feature films and commercials. In this post, we are going to try to answer questions like “Who is Furkan Andıç?”, “How old is Furkan Andıç?” and so. Let’s see how productive actor Furkan Andıç is.

Who is Furkan Andıç?

The handsome actor Furkan Andıç was born on April 4, 1990, in Istanbul. So, the age of Furkan Andıç is 30. His mother is  Bosnian, and his father is from Trabzon city, a northern city of Turkey. Furkan Andıç is the middle one of 3 brothers.

Furkan Andıç was born in Istanbul and he is 30 years old.
Furkan Andıç was born in Istanbul and he is 30 years old.

He accomplished his primary and secondary education in Istanbul. After he graduated High School, went to Ukraine and he took language courses at the University of Kyiv Polytechnic. In addition to that, he also took Economy lessons. Afterwards, he returned to Turkey and studied Radio and Television Programming at Istanbul Bilgi University. Later on, he switched both his university and the department and began studying Visual Communication and Design.

Furkan Andıç, on the other hand, is a true basketball fan and player, too. Since his early ages, he played in star teams in so many professional Basketball Teams. Furkan Andıç, who has a simple life, lives in Istanbul and loves travelling.

Furkan Andıç’s Eyeful Career

The young actor has actually been in show business since 2007 when he was only 17 years old. Furkan Andıç has always wished to get involved in the television industry and be part of different projects. Due to the fact that he signed up for a casting agency and opened all the doors through for new opportunities.

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Thus, the famous actor Furkan Andıç first took part in a commercial in 2007. Later on, in 2008 and 2011, he also took on the stage for other commercials in different products and subjects.

But besides all, it was 2011 when he first entered television life with more professional works. So, his first TV series was a youth serial. The name of his first TV series is Kolej GünlüğüCollege Diary, 2011. He made a great debut with this TV show. And so, his professional television career has started. Later on, he played in Desperate Housewives, the Turkish adaptation of the original American version and Fugitive BridesKaçak Gelinler. And then, he played in Kırgın ÇiçeklerOffended Flowers Turkish TV series.

Furkan Andıç is very interested in playing basketball.
Furkan Andıç is very interested in playing basketball.

The years of 2016 and 2017 were also very productive years for Furkan Andıç in terms of acting on TV. In 2016, he acted as the leading role in Tatlı İntikamBitter Sweet Vengeance Turkish TV series. In the following year, 2017, he maintained his rise with another project. This time, he again did hold an important character in Meryem TV series. And his role was Savaş, who was a young and rough man.

Furkan Andıç’s Other TV Series

In 2019, Furkan Andıç played in other 2 Turkish series and proved his talent as a leading role. He first played in Her Yerde SenEverywhere I Go Turkish TV series which was his biggest success. He, later on, took part in Kardeş ÇocuklarıSisters Turkish TV drama as a leading role, but it lasted a short time due to low rating rates.

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As for cinema, Furkan Andıç’s first debut in a feature film was in 2017. He acted in the leading role in Damat Takımı Turkish movie. The movie was comedy and romance and the story was the friendship of five who have never left since high school. Thanks to this romantic comedy, Barış Andıç gained great success and demonstrated himself as an actor.

Furkan Andıç’s Private Life

Furkan Andıç, above all, is not the one who intends to be on the celebrity’s agenda with his relationships but works instead. We mostly know and are familiar with him through his projects he gets involved in. However, it is almost impossible to run away from the gossips of celebrity news in Turkey. So, last year hew in a relationship with beautiful actress Dilan Deniz Çiçek but the two broke up in November 2018.

Furkan Andıç and Dilan Deniz Çiçek
Furkan Andıç and Dilan Deniz Çiçek

His name was also referred with his old actress friend Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu. They shared the leading roles in Tatlı İntikamBitter Sweet Vengeance. According to the latest news, he is now in a relationship with Aybüke Pusat. They played together in Everywhere I Go Turkish TV comedy and the duo was eventually falling in love with each other. So, we can say that love first appeared in the series and then it turned into a truth!

Furkan Andıç and Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu
Furkan Andıç and Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu

Furkan Andıç is now 30 years old and he is 1.90 cm height! Yes, he is tall enough! His weight, on the other hand, is 88 kg. Furkan Andıç’s zodiac sign is Aries.

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Furkan Andıç on Social Media

Furkan Andıç, with more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most influential celebrities of Turkey. He mostly uses his account for daily entertainment or let his fans to reach his funny pictures. Here we are sharing Furkan Andıç’s other social media accounts to let you follow and see the latest updates.


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