Forbidden Apple TV Show’s Star Eda Ece is Much More Amusing Than You Think!

Eda Ece dazzles with her natural beauty.
Eda Ece dazzles with her natural beauty.

While we meet new TV series on Turkish televisions every season, we also meet new actors and actresses. As you know, the Turkish television series industry is the second most productive one in the market after the USA. One hand, that means to meet new stars and joyful TV shows every year. But on the other hand, which also means that is hard to catch up with this incredible speed.

Eda Ece is the shining actress of Turkish televisions in the last years.
Eda Ece is the shining actress of Turkish televisions in the last years.

However, by discovering new stars of Turkish televisions, we will keep introducing them to you, —right here, on our website. Just as we are going to do now, today is the turn for Eda Ece. We couldn’t have been quiet any more to Eda Ece’s shining star. Unlike her colleagues in the sector, Eda Ece is a “simple” woman! Yes, she is a simple, and moreover, hilarious, adorable, amusing actress of the last years. That’s the reason why she has been a trending character on internet platforms. So many internet users have been searching about Eda Ece. Therefore, she took her place on our website, too.

Who is Forbidden Apple Turkish TV Series’ Star Eda Ece?

Most of you have probably met her after impressive acting in Yasak Elma – Forbidden Apple Turkish TV series. But the fame of the talented Turkish celebrity goes back years ago! Eda Ece made her debut with her role in popular youth Turkish drama Dirty Seven (Pis Yedili) between 2011-2014.

Eda Ece acted as "Cimbom" in Pis Yedili - Dirty Seven Turkish TV series.
Eda Ece acted as “Cimbom” in Pis Yedili – Dirty Seven Turkish TV series.

The beautiful actress was born in Istanbul on June 20, 1990. No matter how we know her Eda Ece, the full name of the actress is Eda Ece Uzunalioğlu. She graduated from Şişli Terakki High School. After completing her undergraduate education at the Department of Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University, she took courses on Art History and started working in a gallery.

Eda Ece was a member of the theatre club during her school years. She first started performing on that stage. A manager Tümay Özokur discovered her who came to see a play they put on stage. Afterwards, the actress stepped into the television world.

Eda Ece’s Shining Career on Turkish Televisions and Cinema

Eda Ece has become one of the most anticipated Turkish celebrities in the last years. Still, she doesn’t prefer much to be on the agenda with her private life, but her business.

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Eda Ece acted as Cimbom character in the Turkish TV series Dirty Seven “Pis Yedili“ between 2011-2014. In the same series, she played with famous names, —such as Ayşegül Aldinç, Turan Özdemir, Asuman Dabak and Ilkay Akdağlı.

Eda Ece played in “Love Me As I Am” Turkish TV series in 2014. She played with master players, —such as Burcu Biricik, Altan Gördüm, Lale Mansur and Güven Kıraç.

Eda Ece acted as the leading role in Beni Böyle Sev - Love Me As I Am Turkish TV show
Eda Ece acted as the leading role in Beni Böyle Sev – Love Me As I Am Turkish TV show

Furthermore, she acted as Ceren in “Relationship Status: Complicated” Turkish TV series in 2015. She played with the leading roles Berk Oktay and Seren Şirince.

Other Projects That Eda Ece Took Part

Eda Ece’s career, which basically started in 2003, is going on with the successful project Yasak Elma – Forbidden Apple TV drama. In addition to her most famous role, you can see other projects she got involved;


  • Hayat Bilgisi – 2003 – Guest Actress
  • Adını Feriha Koydum (I Named Her Feriha) – 2011 – Guest Actress
  • Ali Ekber Cevahir – 2017 – Actress


  • Kızım İçin (For My Daughter) – 2013 – Tuba
  • Deli Dumrul – 2016
  • Görümce (Sister-in-law) – 2016 – Deniz
  • Kocan Kadar Konuş: Diriliş – 2016 – Ceren
  • Yol Arkadaşım – 2017

Eda Ece is in a relationship with basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer. She is now 29 years old. As for her physical features, the actress is 1.68 cm tall and her weight is 53 kg. Finally, Eda Ece’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Eda Ece and her basketball player boyfriend Buğrahan Tuncer.
Eda Ece and her basketball player boyfriend Buğrahan Tuncer.

Eda Ece on Social Media

The beautiful and successful actress Eda Ece is also very famous on social media. She has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Moreover, she conquers her follower’s heart with her amusing posts. So, you can find her social media accounts below;


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