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First trailer for ‘Magnificent Century Kösem’ is released

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem, from the producer’s of legendary Turkish tv series has its first trailer released.

The series is considered as a big project and it is expected to reach the success of Muhteşem Yüzyıl. The starring of Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem is kept as a secret, and lots of names mentioned; Tuba Büyüküstün, Hazal Kaya, Beren Saat… There is still no official declaration from the producers yet but it is expected that Beren Saat will be playing Kösem Sultan.

Anastasia Thsilimpou will be playing the young Kösem in Magnificent century Kösem
Anastasia Thsilimpou will be playing the young Kösem

The first trailer of Kösem Sultan shocked everybody, people were expecting to see Beren Saat but she was not there. Anastasia Thsilimpou, seventeen year old Greek actress, is seen as the Kösem Sultan.

In the beginning of the story, after his father’s death the young Sultan Ahmed liked a picture of a beautiful girl and his mother Safiye Sultan brought the girl to him as a gift. Kösem’s fate is very similar to Hürrem, she become the queen from the Harem.

Kösem and Sultan Ahmed
Kösem and Sultan Ahmed

It is announced that Anastasia Thsilimpou is just going to play the young Kösem Sultan. The starring probably Beren Saat- will be playing the adult Kösem Sultan.

The series will be broadcasted on Star tv in this October.

Ofifcial page: http://www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesem-yuzyil-kosem

You may watch the trailer below:

Kösem Sultan Season Two:

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