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Europe’s Tallest Building: İstanbul Sapphire

İstanbul Sapphire

After the construction of Skyland Istanbul-1 and Skyland Istanbul-2 they became the tallest building in Europe (Except Russian territories) however, in 2019 the Shard has finished in the United Kingdom the Shard has become the tallest building in Europe. Complete list of the Tallest Buildings of Europe can be read on this Wikipedia page.

Istanbul Sapphire, with its 261 meters height, is Europe’s tallest building (except Russian territories). Being a financial and trade center, modern skyscrapers started to build in the early 1990s. Levent zone now became a skyscrapers hood. Modern skyscrapers changed this zones view, and now this zone is the most attractive center for financial and trade centers. Also, the Levent Maslak area hosts lost of shopping centers inside this skyscrapers.

Sapphire of İstanbul is the newest one. Sapphire is not just a skyscraper, residence and shopping centre, it is also a touristic place. This attraction point uses its height to impress its visitors.

Sapphire has a panorama view terrace, which you may go up to the top of the building and watch the amazing view of İstanbul and Bosporus. This beautiful panorama will be very exciting for you and watching the sunset over Bosphorus and İstanbul will take you away.

Also, there is a  4D Skyride on this terrace.  By this Skyride, you will enter a 4D cinema saloon and make a virtual tour over İstabul by chopper. This experience is quite realistic. You will fly across the Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden’s Towe, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet, Taksim Square and Levent. Tickets for the view terrace are about 15 Turkish liras  (~9 USD) if you buy the SkyRide it will be about 25 Turkish Liras (~15 USD)

Saphhire also has a shopping centre, lots of brands and their concept shops are located at the entrance of the building.

Sapphire is located at Büyükdere Caddesi, Levent, this street also hosts great shopping centers as Kanyon AVM, MetroCity AVM. Being a financial center, Turkey’s greater financial Institutions have their headquarters here.

If you are planning to visit İstanbul, you may get to Sapphire by using underground from Taksim, it is just ahead of the Levent Underground station.

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