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England’s Travel Quarantine: The List of Safe Destinations

The British government on July 3 unveiled a list of safe destinations. According to the list, travelers from those countries will not need to self-isolate for 14 days when they enter England. The list covers 59 countries, including Turkey and the measure will take effect from July 10. So, which means that Turkey exempt from England’s travel quarantine.

England’s List of Safe Touristic Destinations

The British government unveiled on July 3 a list of 59 countries, including Turkey. In this list, the British government-specified many countries related to their latest conditions relevant to COVID-19 (coronavirus epidemic). People in England thus will able to travel to and from without quarantining for two weeks.

The countries include most EU countries, including France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, as well as countries like Japan, Jamaica, New Zealand, and South Korea.

The Scope of England’s Travel Quarantine List

The changes apply only to those in England and have provoked a row with the other constituent nations of the UK, especially Scotland and Wales.

British Transport Secretary Grant Schapps said: “Today marks the next step in carefully reopening our great nation. Whether you are a holidaymaker ready to travel abroad or a business eager to open your doors again, this is good news for British people and great news for British businesses.”

“The entire nation has worked tirelessly to get to this stage. Therefore safety must remain our watchword and we will not hesitate to move quickly to protect ourselves if infection rates rise in countries we are reconnecting with.”

Turkey Excluded from EU’s Safe Travel List

The European Union had named 14 countries whose citizens are deemed “safe” to be let in starting on July 1. And so, the list excludes Turkey due to soaring coronavirus infections. The list carries spectacular importance for Turkey’s economy, as the great part of the economy relies on tourism revenue.

Turkey eagerly expects to start welcoming visitors from the world. (Image credit-CNBC.com)
Turkey eagerly expects to start welcoming visitors from the world. (Image credit-CNBC.com)

The 27-member bloc gave approval on June 30 to leisure or business travel from 14 countries beyond its borders, the Council of the EU, which represents EU governments, said in a statement.

What are the Other Countries?

The countries are Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand. Other countries are, on the other hand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

Russia, Brazil, and the United States, along with Turkey, are among countries whose containment of the virus is considered worse than that of the EU average. And so the countries will have to wait at least two weeks. The bloc will carry out fortnightly reviews.

Number of Positive Cases Has Been Rising in Turkey

The daily number of new confirmed cases in Turkey has surged over the past two weeks after a shift to the “normalization process.” Turkey has the world’s 17th worst coronavirus outbreak, with nearly 200,000 people confirmed infected.

The list acts as a recommendation to EU members, meaning they could potentially set restrictions on those entering from the 14 nations. Further, it will almost certainly not allow access to travelers from other countries.

Therefore, Turkey’s exemption from England’s travel quarantine is very valuable for Turkey’s economic situation. However, it seems that the pandemic is more likely to continue.

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