Emmy Winner Turkish Actor Haluk Bilgiler’s New Project: “Alex Rider”

Emmy-winner Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer starred in the British-made “Alex Rider” series. What is the subject of the Alex Rider series that Haluk Bilginer will play who is an acclaimed actor worldwide? Who are the other actors of the Alex Rider series? When will Alex Rider begin, and where can you watch it? Here are all the informations about the role that Haluk Bilginer will act and the curious ones about the Alex Rider series…

An Exciting and New Project from Turkish Actor

The veteran Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer has been in the entertainment world for more than 40 years. The Emmy winner Turkish actor, furthermore, enlarged his popularity because winning the Emmy in the best actor category in 2019, last year. This prestigious award brought him great international fame which he has already had.

Haluk Bilginer appears as one of the leading roles(Image Credit-Yorum Güncel)
Haluk Bilginer appears as one of the leading roles(Image Credit-Yorum Güncel)

So, the Turkish actor now appears with a new production: Alex Rider. This British-make project is going to start on the 4th of June, 2020. And Haluk Bilginer is acting as one of the leading roles in the action series.

What is the Role of Emmy Winner Turkish Actor Haluk Bilginer in the Series?

Emmy winner Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer is acting as the bad man Dr. Hugo Greif in Alex Rider action and adventure internet series.

What is the Story of Alex Rider?

The genre of the series is Action, Thriller, and Adventure. The storyline mainly revolves around a young and mysterious spy who has no idea for his talents, yet.  Alex Rider (Otto Farrant) is the protagonist and the main character of the series. This young man has an ordinary life with his friends in the college where he studies. However, this young man one day learns that his uncle Ian has been killed in the line of duty as a British spy. Therefore, this news destroys everything he believes about the incident until then. Because everyone around him has told him he died because of a car accident. Hence, everything changes for this otherwise normal teen.

Emmy Winner Turkish Actor Haluk Bilginer's new project (Image Credit-Digital Spy)
Emmy Winner Turkish Actor Haluk Bilginer’s new project (Image Credit-Digital Spy)

Alan Blunt (Karl Farrer) approaches him, who is the head of a shadowy offshoot of MI6 known as The Department. He, eventually, reveals that Alex has been unknowingly trained since childhood for the dangerous world of espionage. He pressured to help investigate his uncle’s death. Further, he asked for help to learn how it connects to the assassination of two high-profile billionaires. Alex reluctantly assumes a new identity. Afterward, he goes undercover in a remote boarding school called Point Blanc. The trainee isolated far above the snowline in the French Alps. Point Blanc claims to set the troubled teenage children of the ultra-rich back onto the right track. But as he digs deeper, Alex discovers that the students are the subjects of a disturbing plan by the mysterious Doctor Greif (Haluk Bilginer). After learning this mystery, Alex will have to risk his life to stop this unacceptable plan.

When and Where Alex Rider will be Released?

Alex Rider is an upcoming television series. Eleventh Hour Films and Sony Pictures Television mutually produce the series. The first eight-episode of the series is going to give the action on June 4, 2020, on Amazon Prime.

Trivia about “Alex Rider”

Whilst the show takes some material from the first book “Stormbreaker” and some new additional material added for the show. Its overall arch is based on the 2nd novel in the Alex Rider series “Point Blanc”. Filming locations of “Alex Rider”, on the other hand, are London (UK) and Sinaia (Romania).

Alex Rider starts on the 4th of June.
Alex Rider starts on the 4th of June.

Who is Emmy Winner Turkish Actor Haluk Bilginer?

Haluk Bilginer is a Turkish actor. In addition to his acting career in Turkey, he has also worked in the United Kingdom. So, most of whom remember him for his role as Mehmet Osman in the television soap opera East Enders (1985) during the 1980s. He has also starred in Hollywood movies as a minor actor. He played a villainous guerrilla leader in the 1987 comedy film Ishtar (1987). It was one of the most notorious flops in movie history. Then, he played in a Turkish Mafioso in the 2001 dark comedy film Acemi Askerler (2001). He played the character of Emre Celenk in the episode of Persephone in Spooks (2002) 2004. The actor was born in Izmir, in 1954. Haluk Bilginer took part in a great many successful productions throughout his career.

Haluk Bilginer is the living legend of the Turkish cinema (Image Credit-Milliyet)
Haluk Bilginer is the living legend of the Turkish cinema (Image Credit-Milliyet)

The acclaimed and veteran Turkish actor won Emmy award in 2019 in the best actor category. He had undoubtedly deserved this award and so, he is now one of the most talented and acclaimed Turkish actors all over the world.

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