Ece Çırpan is crowned Miss Turkey 2015

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The most popular pageant of Turkey Elidor Miss Turkey 2015 is crowned. The annual beauty pageant was aired on 13th of June 2015 and Ecem Çırpan, the 18 year old contestant from Bursa, crowned as the beauty queen. She took her crown from Amine Gülşe, the beauty queen of 2015. The second place was named Hazal Subaşı and Şevval Ayvaz became the third.

Ecem Çırpan - The Miss Turkey 2015
Ecem Çırpan – The Miss Turkey 2015

Ecem Çırpan is the new beauty queen of Turkey. She is 18 years old and lives in Bursa. Ecem has just finished high school and preparing for her university education. Ecem Çırpan 1.85 cm height and 60 kgs weight. With the advantage of her height she has been playing volleyball in semi-professional clubs, but after having the crown she is going to end her volleyball career.

Ecem Çırpan is a volleyball player
Ecem Çırpan is a volleyball player

In Turkey its quite common for beauty queens to become an actress like previous years beauty queen Amine Gülşe.  

Ecem Çırpan also winks at to acting. In her interview just after the pageant, she sad that ‘I’m more interesting in acting rather than modelling and if i will be on a project i want to perform with great names. I like Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and i want to participate with him in future television series.’ We can say that we can see Ecem Çırpan on Turkish tv series in near future.

Ecem Çırpan get this crown with her beauty, her pure nature and baby face suppress the sexuality She also said that she does not consider herself as a sexy woman.

Ecem Çırpan's selfie
Ecem Çırpan’s selfie

Another interesting thing about Ecem Çırpan is high heels. She told that she hadn’t worn high heels before the pageant, she practiced for only two weeks before the show. That was the reason that she couldn’t walk very well on podium, like cinderella.

Ecem Çırpan - The Miss Turkey 2015
Ecem Çırpan – The Miss Turkey 2015

Ecem Çırpan will represent Turkey in Miss World 2015.

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